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Table 4 Regrouping of access groups based on source, access and season

From: Small ruminant feed systems: perceptions and practices in the transitional zone of Ghana

New group Composition (access groups) Group description Major feeds
Leafyhome 1,3 Obtained from homestead and township, accessed mostly by zero grazing with or without tethering, in all seasons Ficus umbellata, Banana leaves, Mango leaves
Leafyfarm 5, 6 Obtained from farmlands, accessed by zero grazing with or without tethering but not by scavenging, used in cropping season by some households and all seasons by others Margaritaria discoidea, Pterocarpus erinaceus, Cassava leaves
Cropnbyprod 2, 4 Crops and by-products obtained mostly from kitchen and accessed by hand feeding with or without tethering, mostly also scavenged and obtained in all seasons. Maize grains, Cassava peels, Yam peels, Plantain peels, Cassava tubers