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Table 6 Perception of variation of Blighia sapida by local people in Benin

From: Uses, traditional management, perception of variation and preferences in ackee (Blighia sapida K.D. Koenig) fruit traits in Benin: implications for domestication and conservation

Differentiation criteria Different type reported Characteristic Percent of interviewees
Size fruit Small Narrow leaflets, wild tree, small aril 36.67
  Large Larger leaflets, planted tree, large aril  
Aril taste Soft - 5.42
  Hard -  
Aril size + seed size Large aril and small seed - 2.08
  Small aril and large seed -  
Aril colour Light yellow Less tasty and hard to conserve 2.08
  Yellow Tasty and easy to conserve  
Fruit shape Elongate - 1.25
  Short -  
Fruit size + fruit shape Small and elongate Aril very tasty 1.25
Height of the tree before the first fructification Small Between 1.5 and 2 meters 1.25
  Tall More than 2 meters  
Capsule's number of chambers 3 chambers   0.83
  4 chambers   
  5 chambers   
Leaflets width Large - 0.83
  Narrow -