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Table 2 Aliments included in each illness category.

From: The use of medicinal plants in the trans-himalayan arid zone of Mustang district, Nepal

Illness category Ailments
Dermatological Allergy, boils, allergic skin, skin diseases, warts
Fever Fever, chronic fever, lung fever, malarial fever
Gastrointestinal Bile diseases, bile disorders, liver diseases, stomach diseases, diarrhoea, dysentery, gastritis, constipation, intestinal worms, anthelmintic, stomach swelling
General health Chronic diseases, inappropriate medication, to counteract the effect of poison, anti-poison, food poisoning, hair long, hair black, gingivitis, mouth swelling, snake bite, vomiting, to remove lodged bones or spines, dehydration, cancer, eye diseases, poor vision, bone fractures, joint swelling, typhoid, diseases of air, diseases of wind, vitamin, tonic, nutritious, loss of appetite, periods of fatigue, low energy, edema, nose swelling, burns, cold, cuts, child birth, over flow of blood in menstruation, over flow of blood in child birth, menstrual disorders, pregnant women, nerve diseases, nerve dispersed condition, communicable diseases, bone spurs, hemorrhoids, pneumonia, digestive, blood diseases, to increase blood, blood circulation, blood deficiency, blood purifier, reduces fats, thins blood in coagulation period, blood pressure, vertigo/dizziness, nose bleeding, pulse rate, tuberculosis, heart diseases, pain near the side of heart
Infections Infected wounds, skin wounds, wounds, infection, infection diseases
Pain Headache, stomachache, rheumatism, body pain, leg pain, backbone pain, joint pain, hand pain, ear pain, chest pain, ribs pain, bodyache, numbness of limbs, black worms of teeth, tooth pain, tootache
Respiratory Cough, sinusitis, tonsillitis, chronic lung diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, respiration, asthma, bronchitis
Urinary Kidney stone, Kidney diseases, red color urine, diseases of urine, painful urination, excessive urination, diuretic, difficulty in passing urine
Jaundice Jaundice