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Table 8 Medicinal plants reported by at least 10 informants and their respective uses

From: Asháninka medicinal plants: a case study from the native community of Bajo Quimiriki, Junín, Peru

Scientific name (Voucher N.) No. of Informants Medicinal uses
Dieffenbachia costata (0704, 0605, 2813, R38, R77) 23 Insect bites, Bone pain, Bronchitis, Cold, Cough, Snake bites, Wounds, To protect from sorcery and illness, Influenza, Toothache.
Uncaria guianensis (R19, PA3, R56, 4015, 4017) 19 To abort, Osteoarthritis, Cancer, Cold, Inflammation, Kidney-complaints, Liver-complaints, Ovary inflammation, Penis extender, Prostate, Stomach ache, Ulcers.
Cestrum hediondinum (0607, 2904, R91) 17 Fever, Headache, Malaria, Stomach ache, Sorcery.
Homalomena crinipes (R4, R50) 15 To clean the stomach, Toothache, To Abort, To protect teeth, Intestinal parasites.
Acmella oleracea (0203, PL22) 15 Sunburn, 'Pokio', Browses and swellings, 'Chacho', Diarrhoea, Insect bites, Toothache, Earache, 'Arcoiris'.
Hebeclinum macrophyllum (R33, 0107, R7) 14 Malaria, Stomach ache, Infection of urinary duct, Liver-complaints, Intestinal parasites, Chickenpox, Diarrhoea, Stomach acidity, Colics.
Erechtites hieraciifolius (0211, PL23) 14 Skin spots, Acne, Uta (Leishmaniasis), To prevent hair loss.
Chenopodium ambrosioides (PL1, 0206, 0602, 0907) 14 Intestinal parasites, Colics, Fever, Diarrhoea, To bathe babies.
Piper aduncum (R10, 0603, 2806) 14 Cramps, High Fever, 'Mal aire', Menstruation pain, Stomach ache, Ulcers, Vaginal infections, Vomit, Sorcery, Wound-healing.
Xanthosoma poeppigii (R89) 13 Wound healing, Bone fractures.
Momordica charantia (0108, 2901) 13 Malaria, Stomach ache, Stomach acidity, Fever, Diarrhoea, Intestinal parasites, Kidney-complaints, Mal aire.
Verbena sp. (2920, 3701) 13 Malaria, Stomach ache, Diarrhoea, To bathe babies.
Syngonium podophyllum (R9, 2814, DH09, DH04) 12 To correct irregular menstruation, To extract caried teeth, Toothache, Contraceptive, Intestinal parasites, Joint dislocations, Anaemia, Osteoarthritis, Browses and swellings.
Munnozia hastifolia (R27) 12 Cholera, Sorcery, Kidney-complaints, Gastritis, Wounds, Malaria, To stop dreaming dead people, Stomach ache, 'Mal aire', Fever, Cholesterol.
Croton lechleri (0609) 12 Wound healing, Ulcers, Liver-complaints, Uta (Leishmaniasis), Dysentery, Disinflamation following parturition.
Chaptalia nutans (2811, 2908, R34) 11 Malaria, Stomach ache, Diarrhoea, Intestinal parasites.
Bixa orellana (2810, 2907) 11 To prevent hair loss, Eye infection, Prostate, Diarrhoea, Wounds, Stomach inflammation, Cancer, Kidney-complaints, To bathe babies.
Xiphidium caeruleum (R55,0606, R41, 4004, 4007) 11 Bone fractures, Joint dislocations, Browses and swellings, To strenghten hair, To enhance hair growth, 'Mal agua', To bathe babies.
Hamelia patens (2803, 2903) 11 To disinfect wounds, Browses and swellings, Stomach ache, Headache.
Urera cf. Baccifera (R90, R92) 11 Mal aire', Kidney-complaints, Seeing shadows, Headache, Pain in the muscles after work, General not well being, Cramps.
Asclepias curassavica (R29) 10 Wound healing, Uta (Leishmaniasis), Eye inflammation.
Anthurium dombeyanum (R23, R64) 10 Snake bites, 'Mal aire', To attract men, Headache, To enhance hair growth, Intestinal parasites, Infection of urinary duct, Stomach ache, Cough, Seeing shadows.
Bidens pilosa (0207, R3, LI25, PL13, ROM1) 10 Burned skin, To prevent formation of scars, To give birth rapidly, To prevent hair loss, Dandruff, Contraception, To make babies walk fast, Skin spots.
Mikania micrantha (PL18) 10 Headache, Osteoarthritis, Scapular arthritis, 'Chacho', Sorcery, Arcoiris, 'Pokio', Alcoholism, Acne.
Tessaria integrifolia (0102, PL21) 10 Kidney-complaints, Ovary inflammation, General not well being, Swollen feet, 'Pokio', 'Chacho'.
Nicotiana tabacum (0601) 10 Insect bites, Used by tobacco healer to cure patients, 'Mal aire', Headache.
Urera laciniata (R32, 2817) 10 Sorcery, Kidney-complaints, Prostate, Cramps, Sorcery, 'Mal aire', Osteoarthritis, Fever, Measles, Improve male libido.