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Table 1 Sources used for the research

From: Folk medicine used to heal malaria in Calabria (southern Italy)

Author Period° Description Reference
Francesco Genovese 1912-1924 Physician, malariologist who wrote about malaria in Calabria. [6, 56, 62]
Alessandro Adriano 1932 Physician whose daily experiences provided information about folk Calabrian medicine. [65]
Giovanni De Giacomo 1892-1896 Folklorist who published many works about folk culture including therapeutic remedies to cure many diseases. [26, 54, 55, 57]
Gianbattista Marzano 1889-1928 Folklorist and historian who wrote about folk traditions in Laureana di Borrello (province of Reggio Calabria). He published a vocabulary of south Calabrian dialect with historical and folkloric notes as well. [25, 68]
Raffaele Lombardi Satriani 1916-1951 Folklorist and ethnographer who published many works about the Calabrian people. [11, 53]
Luigi Accattatis 1895 Historian and linguist who published a vocabulary of north Calabrian dialect with historical and folkloric notes. [24]
Filippo Jacopo Pignatari 1894-1895 Man of letters who published many papers about Calabrian beliefs and traditions including the use of plants and animal to cure many diseases. [5860, 67, 75]
Luca De Samuele Cagnazzi 1811 Mathematician who edited the statistical report of the Kingdom of Naples of 1811. [72]
Vincenzo Donnarumma 1951 Franciscan monk who wrote a book about the religious cult of the Madonna in the province of Cosenza. [78]
Antonio Iannicelli 1991 Writer who published a book about Calabrian folk traditions. [79]
Vincenzo Romeo 1946 Physician who published a work about anti-malaria prophylaxis. [74]
Leopoldo Pagano 1853-1901 Historian and man of letters. He wrote an important book about the economy, history and environment of Calabria. [66, 70]
Placido Olindo Geraci 1957 Man of letters was author of a paper about folk Calabrian medicine. [64]
Biagio Lanza 1853-1860 Physician and author of a paper about folk medicine in Cassano (province of Cosenza). [63]
Raffaele Corso 1953 Along with Lombardi Satriani, he was one of the most important Italian folklorists and etnhographers. He wrote many works about amulets. [77]
Vincenzo Brancia 1853-1860 Priest who wrote a paper about folk medicine in Nicotera (province of Catanzaro). [69]
Lorenzo Galasso 1915 Priest who wrote a book about the Calabrian people [76]
Michele Tenore 1827 Botanist who published a work on Prunus spinosa L. [73]
Silvio Mollo 1930 Man of letters and author of a book about Calabrian folklore [71]
  1. ° Refers to the year of publication of the works examined.