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Table 1 The 12 animals indicated by migrant PE2, their popular and scientific names, complaints (part used), formula and route of administration.

From: Ethnopharmacological survey among migrants living in the Southeast Atlantic Forest of Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil

Popular name dynamic of use Scientific name or only genus (family/class) Voucher Complaint (part used) - formula - route of administration
1- Snake (cobra)° Chironius sp., Liophs sp. (Colubridae/Reptilia)* or Bothops sp. (Viperidae/Reptilia)* Bronchitis (skin) - powder - ingested
2- Rattlesnake (cascavel)° Crotalus cf. durissus L. (Viperidae/Reptilia)* Back pain (fat) - in natura - ingested
   Bronchitis (rattle) - tie it in the neck - topic
   Heart problems (tooth) - put it in the pocket of shirt
3- Cururu frog (sapo-cururu)° Rhinella sp. (Bufonidae/Amphibia)* Cancer of skin (whole animal) - in natura: tie it on the cancer for some time each day - topic
4- Alligator (jacaré)° Crocodilus sp., Cayman sp. or Paleosuchus sp. (Alligatoridae/Reptilia)* Apoplexy (skin) - syrup of skin powder - ingested
   Bronchitis (bone) - powder - ingested
5- Turtle (tartaruga)° Geochelone sp. (Testudinidae/Reptilia)* Bronchitis and asthma - (turtleshell) - powder - ingested
6- Capybara (capivara)° Hydrochoerus cf. hydrochaeris L. (Hydrochaeridae/Mammalia)* Bronchitis and asthma - (skin) - powder - ingested
7-Iguana (iguana)° Iguana cf. iguana L. (Iguanidae/Reptilia) * Osteoporosis and rheumatism (bone) - powder - ingested
8- Ant (formiga) Atta sexdens L. (Formicidae/Insecta) Garcia 001 Epilepsy (anthill) - in natura - ingested
9- Cockroach (barata) Periplaneta americana L. (Blattidae/Insecta)
Garcia 002
Bronchitis and asthma (whole animal) - powder - ingested
10- Water cockroach (barata d'água)° Abedus sp., Belostoma sp. or Diplonychus sp. (Belostomatidae/Insecta)* Bronchitis and asthma (whole animal) - powder - ingested
11- Lizard (calango)° Placosoma sp. (Gymnophthalmidae/Reptilia)* Wounds in the body (skin) - powder - ingested
12- Armadillo-ball (tatu-bola)° Tolypeutes sp. (Dasypodidae/Mammalia)* Wounds in the body (skin) - powder - ingested
  1. Marked by () the two animals whose use had been maintained, while 10, marked by (°) are those whose uses have fallen into disuse.
  2. * Animals that couldn't be collected because were not available in Diadema