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Table 5 The 6 categories of use comprising the 9 complaints, their respective number of animals mentioned by the migrant PE2.

From: Ethnopharmacological survey among migrants living in the Southeast Atlantic Forest of Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil

Category of use Complaints (number of animals)
1-Respiratory problems bronchitis (7), asthma (4)
2-Central nervous system epilepsy (1)
3-Inflammatory processes rheumatism (1)
4-Dermatological problems wounds in the body (1), skin cancer (1)
5-Analgesics back pain (1)
6-Cardiovascular problems treat heart problems (1), hemorrhage (1)
Total 18*
  1. * some animals have been cited for more than one complaint, so their total number above (18) is higher than the number of animals indicated: 12.