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Table 1 The medicinal applications of the razor-billed curassow body parts, by the "Riozinho do Anfrísio" local community.

From: Use and knowledge of the razor-billed curassow pauxi tuberosa (spix, 1825) (galliformes, cracidae) by a riverine community of the oriental amazonia, brazil

Body parts Medical applications Number of times reported
Bill (nut) "Insect" and snake bites 9
  Bleeding 6
Gizzard Pneumonia 1
  Bleeding 1
  Children's lack of appetite 1
  Indigestion 1
  Stroke (CVA) 1
  1. The first column describes the body parts that are used by the community as medicines; the second column the medicinal applications of each body part; and the third column the number of times that this medicinal application was reported by the interviewees.