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Table 10 P-values* for pairwise tests of seasonal data on (GSI) of Lutjanidae 1

From: Ethnobiology of snappers (Lutjanidae): target species and suggestions for management

Species, seasons and comparisons
(a) L. analis, Copacabana
  Winter Spring Summer  
Autumn 0.0796 0.0593 0.5942  
Winter   1 0.1161  
Spring    0.0507  
(b) L. synagris, Bertioga
  Winter Spring Summer  
Autumn 0.0885 0.1416 0.0641  
Winter   0.5528 0.0232  
Spring    0.2453  
(c) Comparison, of GSI values between Winter and Spring for four species between Winter and Spring
  L. vivanus , P. Sauipe O. chrysurus , P. Sauipe R. aurorubens , P. Sauipe L. synagris , Paraty
P-parameter 0.0013 0.0003 0.1816 0.3778
  1. 1using the Kruskall-Wallis statistical test). * if the p-value is less than 0.01(or 0.05) one can assume that the data are drawn from the same distribution.