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Table 4 Genus and Species most consummed in México.

From: Edible Lepidoptera in Mexico: Geographic distribution, ethnicity, economic and nutritional importance for rural people

Family Genus Species Family Genus Species
Hepialidae Phassus Trajesa Saturniidae Arsenura polyodonta
  P. triangularus   Caio richardsoni
  P. sp.   Hylesia coinopus
Cossidae Comadia redtenbacheri   H. frigida
Castniidae Castnia (Synpalamides) chelone   H. sp.
Pyralidae Laniifera cylades Noctuidae Ascalapha odorata
Geometridae Acronyctodes mexicanaria   A. agarista
Hesperidae Aegiale hesperiaris   Helicoverpa zea
Pieridae Catasticta teutila teutila   Latebraria amphiphyrioides
  C. flisa flisa   Spodoptera frugiperda
  Eucheira socialis socialis   S. exigua
Saturniidae Arsenura armida