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Table 1 Groups of reported illnesses.

From: Folk medicine in the northern coast of Colombia: an overview

No. Group Illness
1 Cardio-vascular diseases Hypertension, hematoma, edema.
2 Central nervous system complaints Sedative, headaches, nervousness.
3 Ear ailments Paint in ear (earache).
4 Gastro-intestinal system disorders Stomach ache, abdominal pain, colic, flatulence, gastric bloating, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, helminth infection, intestinal parasites.
5 Hepatic diseases Hepatic pain, hepatitis, blood purifier.
6 Infections Fever, abscess.
7 Inflammation Inflammation, arthritis.
8 Metabolic diseases Diabetes, anemia.
9 Mouth and dental disorders Toothache, infection in mouth.
10 Ophthalmologic complaints Pain in eyes, conjunctivitis, eye injuries.
11 Respiratory tract diseases Cough, bronchitis, flu, cold, asthma, phlegm (cold and wet), cogged nose.
12 Skin affections Eczema, pruritic ailments, abscess or other inflamed wounds, boils, dermatosis presumably caused by fungal or yeast infections, dry skin condition
13 Urinary ailments Kidney stones, kidney pain, urethritis, dysuria, urinary ailments.
14 Other syndromes Insomnia, body ache, malaria, weakness, injury, sprain, burn, lice, menstrual pain (dysmenorhea), insect and snake bites, cardiovascular diseases, evil eye (mal de ojo).