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Table 3 Fidelity Level (FL) of interesting medicinal plants of the study area

From: Ethnobotany of the Monpa ethnic group at Arunachal Pradesh, India

Plants Illness categories Fidelity level (FL) (%) Published related ethno-pharmacological references
Artemisia nilagirica Wound healing, scabies 100 Antifungal activity [22]
Azadirachta indica Stomach disorder, diarrhea 100 Antibacterial and antidiarrhoeal activity[23]
Allium sativum Bone fracture 100 Anti-inflammatory activity [24]
Cannabis sativa Diarrhea in cattle 100  
Clerodendrum colebrookianum High blood pressure 100 Remedy for treatment of hypertension [2527]
Gymnocladus assamicus Soap, ethnoveterinary 100 Soap/detergent substitute [28, 29]
Lindera neesiana Intestinal worms 100 Essential oil [30]
Ocimum sanctum Stomach disorder, wounds 100 Wound healing activity; Gastro-protective; Flavanoids [31]
Psidium guajava Diarrhea 100 Antidiarrhoeal, Antibacterial activity [3234]
Saccharum officinarum Jaundice 100  
Momordica charantia Intestinal worms, diabetes 80 Anti-diabetic activity, triterpenoids [35, 36]
Solanum xanthocarpum Dental problem 80  
Rhododendron arboreum Diarrhea, throat clearance 78 Quercetin, rutin, coumaric acid [37]
Plantago major Wounds, inflammations, ethnoveterinary 68.85  
Zingiber officinale Cough and throat clearance 67  
Ageratum conyzoides Wound healer 60  
Solanum etiopicum Intestinal worms 56  
Solanum indicum Intestinal worms 48  
Eupatorium adenophorum Freshly cuts and wounds 30  
Houttuynia cordata Stomach ache, diarrhea 30