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Table 6 Wild relatives of native tubers identified, their local names and information on their management and use.

From: Ecological and socio-cultural factors influencing in situ conservation of crop diversity by traditional Andean households in Peru

Scientific name Peasant name Management and type of use
CAJAMARCA (Cuenca de Muyoc)
Solanum jalcae
Solanum chomatophylum
Solanum chiquidenum
"papa de zorro"
"sacha papa"
Management: conservation of the "ambulco" (bulb) protecting it from the animals. Type of use: food; seed; sale.
Oxalis spp.(5 species not identified) "oca de zorro"
"sacha oca"
Type of use: health; food; seed; sale.
Ullucus aborigineus "olluco de zorro" "sacha olluco" Management: protecting from animal's consumption. Type of use: health; food; seed; sale.
Tropaeolum sp. "mashua de zorro"
"maca de los gentiles"
"sacha mashua"
HUANUCO (Cuenca de Mito)
Solanum dolichocremastrum ex Solanum chavinense
Solanum ambosinum
Solanum bucasovi
Solanum huanucense
"jupay papa
"pishgush papan"
"sacha papa"
Type of use: health.
Oxalis san-miguelii Knuth
Oxalis huanuquense
"purun chulco"
"sacha oca"
Type of use: health; food
No fueron colectadas especies "jupay llutu"
"jupay olluco"
"sacha olluco"
. Type of use: health
No fueron colectadas especies "jupay mashua"
"purun mashua"
"sacha mashua"
Type of use: health