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Table 1 Comparison of Life-forms recognized among five Zapotec communities of Oaxaca

From: Traditional knowledge among Zapotecs of Sierra Madre Del Sur, Oaxaca. Does it represent a base for plant resources management and conservation?

Biological form Trinidad Buenavista Santiago Xanicaa1 San Juan Mixtepec2 Mitla3 Valles Centrales4
Trees and shrubs Ya’a Yak Yàg Yahg Yága
Climbs and lianas Lús   IbÈ Behúk  
Herbs La’a bixhs Quiish Guizh Kwan Quijxi
Grasses (zacate) Ixhs    Gishi  
Magueyes Dob,Yes Toob Dòb   Toba
Canegrasses Yií Shiil    
Palms Yiin     
Quelites Yed *     
Bromeliads Bla,bla lo ya     
Orchids Goo lad ya, Xhil     
Ferns Yoóh     
Mosses, hepatics, lichens Mbaxhs     
Flowers Iyé * Kiée Guièe   Guije
Fruits   Nguith shlea    
Mushrooms   Meí    
Nopales   Blaa    
Tuberous roots and corms     Còo
Leaves    Blâg   
Medicinal herbs    Ncuàan   Nocuana
Beans    Bziàa   
Corns     Yähl  
  1. *Terms applied to groups of plants that have utilitarian value in the communities of San Agustín Loxicha, while in other communities of Oaxaca are reported as life-forms.
  2. aNames applied to each plant form, but it is not indicated like this by authors.
  3. 1Cruz and Cruz, 1992; 2Hunn and Acuta, 2001; 3Messer, 1978; 4Marcus and Flannery, 2001.