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Table 3 Soil classification and its relation to climate, vegetation and human activities developed on them

From: Traditional knowledge among Zapotecs of Sierra Madre Del Sur, Oaxaca. Does it represent a base for plant resources management and conservation?

Soil Climate Vegetation Crop Another activities
Yü nagat (black soil, humus) Izyo nal (template) wán len yer (Pine forest), Wán len yer-yuo (Pine-oak forest), Wán len yuo(Oak forest) Maize with squash and beans Forest wood
Yü ngüin (clayish soil)   wán (Cloud mountain forest, evergreen forest y subdeciduous forest) Coffee Coffee system
Yü yuxhs (Sandy soil with small rocks), Yu nequis (White soil) Izyo nase (template/ tropical, humid) wán (Cloud mountain forest, and subdeciduous forest) Coffee, maize with squash and beans  
Yü nequis (White soil), Queda (rocky soil, without plant cover) Izyo bixhs (hot, dry) wán (deciduous dry forest) Maize in association with Jamaica roselle, and Sollamiche palms Livestock