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Table 4 Total number of mentionings, total number of species listed by all households and average number of species mentioned per household (all species, and for green, amber or red species, separately) based on a free-listing exercise among 220 households in Konso

From: Assessing the levels of food shortage using the traffic light metaphor by analyzing the gathering and consumption of wild food plants, crop parts and crop residues in Konso, Ethiopia

  All species of wild food plants or crop parts and residues1 Green species Amber species Red species
Total number of mentionings among 220 households 4236 723 1466 2047
Total number of species listed 119 56 20 43
Average number of species mentioned per household 19.3 3.29 6.66 9.30
  1. 1 Note that the numbers are based on the free listing only and therefore slightly deviate from the sums of the total numbers from Tables 1 and 2.