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Figure 5

From: Medicinal use of fauna by a traditional community in the Brazilian Amazonia

Figure 5

Number of citations versus number of used species for each disease. Number of citations for each disease (number of times that a disease was claimed to be treated with zootherapy) and number of used species (number of species that were claimed to treat a disease). The diseases cited exclusively in participant observations are signaled with *. Correlations were made exclusively with data from the participant observations (N =21 diseases, instead of 28). The Spearman Rank Order Correlation coefficient was as follows: r = 0.803, r2 = 0.645, p < 0.0001, N = 25 informants. The numbers in the left axis refer to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems from the World Health Organization (ICD, 2007) [45]. See Table 1 for details.

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