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Table 2 Method of transformation and processing of different plant part, forms of uses, ailment treat and fidelity level of uses of C. albidum

From: Ethno-botanical study of the African star apple (Chrysophyllum albidum G. Don) in the Southern Benin (West Africa)

Plant parts Method of transformation and processing Form of use Aliment treated Fidelity level (%)
Leaves Boil leaves with cut fruits of Citrus limon Drink the liquid of decoction thrice per day until recovered Malaria 64.5
Boil leaves with Heliotropium indicum plant Drink the decoction Blood pressure 20.8
Boil dry leaves Drink the decoction Anaemia 35.2
Boil leaves Drink the decoction Ulcer 6.6
Seeds Dry and transform the seeds in flour Drink a little quantity of the flour with water Intestinal worms 8.5
Grind the seeds and add palm oil (locally named tchocho) Pass the oil to the anus Haemorrhoids 17.2
Roots Boil the roots with the leaves Drink the decoction Smallpox 4.1
Boil the roots Drink the decoction Asthma 38.3
Carve up the roots and add fermented water from maize flour or white wine Drink the maceration Sterility and sexual weakness 42.6
Bark - Boil the bark with the immature fruit Drink the decoction Cough 58.3
- Boil the bark with Shea butter    
Boil the bark with leaves and roots of Cocos nucifera Drink the decoction in morning and in the afternoon Yellow fever 17.5
Boil the bark Drink the decoction Icterus 26.9
Dry and transform the bark in flour Add a spoon of the flour in a porridge and drink Avitaminosis 11.7
Boil the bark Drink the decoction Dental decay 5.4
Fruit Fresh fruit Eat directly the fresh fruit Avitaminosis 85.3
Cut up the immature fruit and add alcohol Make a gargling with the maceration Dental decay 16.2