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Table 1 List of traditional medicinal plants used for human ailments in Erer Valley

From: Medicinal plants potential and use by pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Erer Valley of Babile Wereda, Eastern Ethiopia

Voucher No. Scientific name Family Vernacular names Habit Disease treated PU MP PA/MA
AHU08 Abutilon fruticosum Guill. & Perr. Malvaceae Balanbal (S) Sh Wound L Crushed & tied Dermal
AHU04 Acacia albida Del. Fabaceae Gerbi (Or, S)* T Stomachache/diarrhea Haemorrhage Cough, pneumonia Postpartum complications Kidney disease B,F,L B,F,L B,F,L B,F,L B,F,L Concoction Crushed Concoction Concoction Concoction Oral Anal Oral Oral Oral
AHU122 Acacia brevispica Harms Fabaceae Hamaresa (Or)* Sh Headache L Hot infusion Oral
AHU101 Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Del. Fabaceae Serkema (Or)Mere-aga, Galol (S)* T Mouth infection Toothache Bad breath (Halitosis) Dysentery Hemorrhoids L L L & B B B Crushed Crushed Decoction Concoction Crushed Chew & spit Chew & spit Herbal bath Oral Anal
AHU03 Acacia oerfota (Forssk.) Schweinf. Fabaceae Ajo (Or) Sh Anal parasitic expel Bad sprit & 'MICH' StB Rubbed Crushed & tied Anal Dermal
AHU1 Acacia robusta Burch. Fabaceae Wangeyo (Or) T Malaria R Concoction Oral
AHU47 Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. Fabaceae Sobensa (Or),Edad, Adad (S)* Sh Eye disease Backbone pain Constipation Stomachache G G G G Decoction Fresh gum Fresh gum Fresh gum Eye bath Eaten raw Eaten raw Eaten raw
AHU48 Acacia tortilis (Forssk.) Hayne Fabaceae Tadacha, Dhadhacha Or)* T Throat infection Stomachache/diarrhea LB Concoction Hot infusion Oral Oral
AHU33 Acokanthera schimperi (A. DC.) Schweinf. Appocynaceae Kararo (Or), Wabayo, Oboyo (S)* Sh Mosquito repellent Malaria Tonsillitis StL Burning to smoke Concoction Smoking the area to stifle the insect Rinsing the throat
AHU13 Aloe pirottae Berger Aloaceae Hargeysa (Or), Gebedherta, De’ar (S) Sh Tropical ulcer Colon cleaner - SIBRI Eye disease Malaria Snake bite Gallstone Insect repellent LJ Sa J L L L Fluid extract Dried & ground Ointment Jel extract Concoction Fluid extract Dried leaves Dermal Oral Eye Oral Oral Oral Smoking the area to stifle the insect
AHU14 Asparagus leptocladodius Chiov. Asparagaceae Keleme sere (Or) Sh Kidney & liver disease Vomiting of children (Emesis) LR Crushed Concoction and Hot infusion Herbal bath Oral Oral
AHU 10 Azadirachta indica A. Juss. Meliaceae Kinina (Or) T Malaria Fungal infection Intestinal worms L L OS Fl OS Leaf extract Leaf extract, and Oil from seed Flower extract, Oil from seed Oral External Oral
AHU11 Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del. Balanitaceae Bedeno (Or), Got, Kutan (S)** T Snake bite Premature ejaculation Influenza Malaria Wound R F OS R L Crushed & tied Eaten raw Boiled with tea|hoja Concoction Crushed and tie Dermal Oral Oral Oral External
AHU56 Balanites glabra Mildbr. & Schlecht. Balanitaceae Kutka (Or)** T Fever R Crushed Herbal bath
AHU 15 Barleria eranthemoides R. Br. ex C.B. Clarke Acanthaceae Kumutu gala (Or), Goda-adosha (S) H Infertility of women Rh factor disease RR Smoke bath Smoke bath Smoke bath Smoke bath
AHU 07 Boscia minimifolia Chiov. Capparidaceae Meygag (S) T Wound L Crushed & tied Dermal
AHU 09 Capparis fascicularis DC. Capparidaceae Hida sere (Or) Cl Toothache Wound R R Chewed Crushed & tied Chew & spit Dermal
AHU 25 Capparis sepiaria L. Capparidaceae Riga gange (Or) Sh Swollen body (with oozing pus) L Crushed & tied Dermal
AHU 27 Cissus rotundifolia (Forssk.) Vahl Vitaceae Shumbur lubu (Or) Cl Gonorrhea L Concoction Oral
AHU 32 Commelina stephaniniana Chiov. Commelinaceae Hola gabis (Or) H Skin fungus St Cream/sap Dermal
AHU 59 Commicarpus sinuatus Meikle Nyctaginaceae Kontom (Or) H Throat infection Urination problem L L Concoction Concoction Throat bath Oral
AHU 20 Commiphora schimperi (Berg) Engl. Burseraceae Dekero (Or) Kobok (S); Hamessa (Or) T Treatment of vagina due to birth- Colporrhexis B Dried Smoke bath
AHU41 Corchorus trilocularis L. Tiliaceae Mulukiya (Or) H Abdominal disorder St Concoction Oral
AHU16 Crotalaria laburnifolia L. Fabaceae Darga, Gelelo (S) Sh Skin fungus L Crushed Dermal
AHU17 Crotalaria retusa L. Fabaceae Bobo-halle (S) H Swollen body part- GOFLA R & L Concoction External
AHU18 Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb. ex Spach Cucurbitaceae Hare goge (Or) H Snake bite Carnivore bite wound Gallstone, hepatitis R F R Crushed Crushed Concoction Dermal Dermal Oral
AHU26 Dodonaea angustifolia L. f. Sapindaceae Edechaa (Or) Sh Parasitic worms R Rubbed Anal
AHU21 Euclea racemosa Murr. ssp. schimperi A. DC Ebenaceae Mi'esaa (Or) Sh Joint pain L Hot infusion Oral
AHU75 Euphorbia abyssinica Gmel. Euphorbiaceae Dharkena (Or) TT Stomachache, malaria Poor sight, paralysis NN SyrupSyrup OralOral
AHU29 Euphorbia burgeri M. Gilbert Euphorbiaceae Hadami (Or) Sh Swollen body (with oozing pus) L Crushed & tied Dermal
AHU35 Grewia bicolor Juss. Tiliaceae Haroresa, Suta neqebu (Or), Aroresa (S)* Sh Stomach disease/worms Intestinal infection Laxative LBB Concoction Concoction Concoction Oral Oral Oral
AHU37 Grewia ferruginea Hochst. ex A. Rich. Tiliaceae Bururi, Tatesa, Ogemdi gurati (Or), Lato (S)* Sh Kidney infection Intestinal parasite F R Concoction Concoction Oral Oral
AHU36 Heliotropium aegyptiacum Lehm. Boraginaceae Maadaaris (S) H Constipation R Concoction Oral
AHU39 Hibiscus dongolensis Del. Malvaceae   H Dermal infections L Crushed & tied Dermal
AHU28 Hydnora johannis Becc. Hydnoraceae Tuka(Or), Likki, Likeh, Dise (S)* RP Haemorrhage Diarrhea Swollen body part- GOFLA Wound Mouth infections RFRRR Crushed & tied Concoction Crushed & tied Crushed & tied Cooked External Oral Dermal External Eaten
AHU61 Indigofera amorphoides Jaub. & Spach Fabaceae Jeere (S) H Heart disease L Hot infusion Oral
AHU73 Jatropha curcas L. Euphorbiaceae Andelmeluc (S) Sh Serve as purgative S Oil squeezed Oral
AHU34 Justcia schimperiana (Hochst. ex Nees) T. Anders. Acanthaceae Dhumuga (Or) Sh Swelling at ear (Otitis) St Small beads of stem prepared and tie on the neck External
AHU30 Mentha spicata L. Lamiaceae Nana-kuti (Or)* H Stop extended flow of menstruation Blood pressure LL Hot infusion Hot infusion OralOral
AHU13 Oncoba spinosa Forssk. Flacourtiaceae Jilbo (Or), Bulisagna (S)** T Eye disease Dysentry FR Ointment Hot infusion Eye Oral
AHU42 Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Miller Cactaceae Tini (Or)** Sh Hair fungus L Crushed Dermal
AHU49 Ozoroa insignis Del. Anacardiaceae Rukeylu (Or), (Ogol (S), Wugr-adad (S); Garri (Or) T Tropical ulcer R Crushed & tied Dermal
AHU45 Plectranthus cylinderaceus Hochst. ex Benth. Lamiaceae Barbarisha gara (Or) Sh Spots on skin-infants Spots on skin on baby LL Crushed leaf Dried & crushed Herbal bath Smoke bath
AHU122 Portulaca oleracea L. subsp. oleracea Portulacaceae Merere hare (Or), Siyo (S)* H Gastritis, peptic ulcers Constipation Fungal infection LLL Cooked vegetable Cooked vegetable Crushed EatenEaten Dermal
AHU23 Sarcostemma viminale (L.) R. Br. Asclepiadaceae   Cl Haemorrhage L & R Crushed Anal
AHU38 Senna italic Mill. Fabaceae   H Stomachache/worm expel L Boiled & drunk Oral
AHU40 Senna obtusifolia (L.) Irwin & Barneby Fabaceae Jacjacle (S) Sh Snake bite R Crushed & tied Dermal
AHU46 Tamarindus indica L. Fabaceae Roka (Or, S), Hamer (S)** T Stomachache/parasite Malaria Dysentery Wound Hemorrhoids Fever F, SP S, P P, Fl PL, F Concoction Concoction Powder, concoction Crushed and tied Crushed Concoction Oral Oral Oral External External, anal Oral
AHU2 Trichilia emetica Vahl Meliaceae Ununu (Or) T Vomiting (Emesis) B Concoction Oral
AHU50 Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal Solanaceae Hidi gudeye (Or), Guryo-fan (S) H Evil eye L, St Dried branches Smoke bath
AHU82 Ziziphus spina-christi (L.) Desf. Rhaminaceae Kurkura (Or); Gob, Geb (S)** T Swollen body part- GOFLA Diarrhea LL Concoction Concoction Herbal bath Oral
  1. Habit: Sh-shrub, T-tree, Cl-climber, H-herb; RP-root parasite of trees; Part Used (PU), L-leaf, B-bark, St-stem, G-gum, Sa-sap, J-jel, R-root, Fl-flower, F-fruit, S-Seed, P-Pulp, OS-Oil from seed and N-nectar; Method of Preparation (MP); Part Administered (PA)/Method of Application (MA).