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Table 1 The 22 categories of use comprising the ailments mentioned by informants in the research areas

From: Transformation of traditional knowledge of medicinal plants: the case of Tyroleans (Austria) who migrated to Australia, Brazil and Peru

Categories of use Tyrol (n = 15) Australia (n = 20) Brazil (n = 15) Peru (n = 15)
Cancer - - Unspecified cancer Unspecified cancer
Circulatory system disorders apoplectic stroke, atherosclerosis, blood circulation, blood cleansing, blood pressure, cardio-vascular system, heart blood cleansing, blood circulation, high blood pressure anaemia, atherosclerosis, blood circulation blood cleansing, blood poisoning, blood pressure, heart, thrombosis blood cleansing, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, heart
Digestive system disorders constipation, diarrhoea, digestive, flatulence, laxative, gall bladder, gastrospasm, liver, stomach ache, intestines diarrhoea, digestive, laxative, stomach ache stomach ache, cardialgia, diarrhoea, digestion, gastric ulcer, liver pain, intestines, liver, stomach abstergent, colic, diarrhoea, digestion, gastritis, intestines, liver pain, stomach, flatulence
Endocrine system disorders - - diabetes, cholesterol diabetes, cholesterol, struma
Genitourinary system disorders bladder infection, kidney problems, genitourinary system disorders bladder infection bladder infection, diuretic, kidney problems bladder infection, diuretic, genitourinary system, inflammation of genitals, kidney disorders, kidney stones, prostate
Immune system disorders immune system, lymphatic system immune system - -
Infections anti-bacterial, fever, influenza cold sores, dermatophytes, disinfection, fever, antipyretic, influenza , insect bites, malaria antibiotic, fever, influenza, insect bites antibacterial, antibiotic, dermatophytes, fever, fungal infection, germ killing , insect bites, parasites
Inflammation inflammation anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory
Injuries disinfection, haemostatis, wounds wounds injuries, wounds cuts, wounds
Menstruation/pregnancy/birth/puerperium/menopausal disorders breast feeding, menstrual disorders, menopausal disorders, pregnancy female disorders, menstrual disorders abortion female disorder, menstrual disorders, pregnancy
Mental disorders - anxiety - antidepressant
Metabolic disorders purification - weight reduction anti-oxidant, anti-sweating, weight reduction
Muscular-skeletal system disorders articular gout, aches, lumbago, bone fractures, rheumatism, cramps, rheumatism, joints, sore muscles joint pain joint pain arthritis, bone fractures, joint pain, rheumatism, bone fractures
Nervous system disorders calmative, depression, nervousness, relaxation, sedative calmative, relaxation, sedative, sleeping calmative, relaxation, sedative calmative, relaxation, sedative, sleeping
Nutritional disorders drink, food, condiment, kitchen herb, spice drink, food, condiment, kitchen herb, spice drink, kitchen herb, food, spice anti-oxidant, food, condiment, kitchen herb, spice
Others charm, fragrance, fumigant, fertiliser, moths, ornamental, veterinary use charm, bugs veterinary use, not nominated others
Pain headache, pain relief headache, toothache - pain relief, headache , toothache
Poisonings - - - snake bite
Respiratory system disorders bronchitis, chest, cold, cough, expectorant, gargle, lungs, sore throat bronchitis , chest, cold, cough, respiratory system, sore throat cold, cough, influenza, sore throat asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough, lungs, sore throat
Sensory system disorders eyes, earache eyes sinusitis eyes
Skin/subcutaneous cellular tissue disorders abscess, bruise, burns, hair care, skin care, oral mucosa, burns, warts, zoster, insect bites burns, bruises, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, hair tonic, massage, skin care, sunburn hair care, bruises, sunburn allergies, cicatrices, hair care, skin care, swellings, turgor
Unspecified medicinal disorders bugs, cleansing spirit, first aid remedy, forgetfulness, universal remedy, revitalising, wellbeing feeling sick, energising , universal remedy, wellbeing, revitalising tonic, universal remedy, wellbeing fatigue