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Table 1 Plant species with their status and the part used in different ailments

From: Ecological status and traditional knowledge of medicinal plants in Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary of Garhwal Himalaya, India

Scientific name Accession No. Status Habit Plant part used Medicinal uses
Abies pindrow Royle. JAB-GUH-20578   T Bark extract2 Cough & Bronchitis2
Aconitium hetrophyllum Wallich JAB-BSD-114039 R1, Ce3, Vu6 H Root5 Fever, cough,stomachache5
Aesculus indica (Wall. ex Cambess.) Hook.f. JAB-GUH-20435   T Seed paste2 Rheumatic Pain2
Ainsliaea apetra DC. JAB-GUH-20677   H Root extract2 Fever, painful urination2
Ainsliaea latifolia (D.Don) Sch.-Bip. JAB-GUH-20680   H Root decoction2 Colic2
Anaphalis contorta (D.Don) Hook.f. JAB-GUH-20437   H (Leaf & heads past, plant smoke)2 (Cuts, wounds & boils, insect repellent)2
Anaphalis margaritaceae (L.) Benth JAB-GUH-20458   H (Leaf & head paste)2 (Cuts, wounds & boils)2
Anaphalis triplinervis (Sims.) C.B. Clarke JAB-GUH-20453   H Leaf juice2, Flower5 Laceration of toes2, Dressing wounds5
Anemone obtusiloba D.Don JAB-GUH-20619   H Root decoction2 Diarrhoea2
Anemone rivularis Buch.-Ham. ex DC JAB-GUH-20613   H (Leaf past & juice)2 Leaves5 (Wounds5, sores & ear ache in local therapy)2
Arachne cordifolia (Decne.) Hurusawa JAB-GUH-20527   S Leaf & Stem paste2 Wounds & Antidote to snake bite2
Arisaema jacquemontii Blume JAB-GUH-20432   H Fruits2, Tuber5 (Antidote of poisonous mushrooms & snake bite)2, (Cough, kidney &skin diseases)5
Artemisia japonica Thunb. JAB-GUH-20446   H (Leaves & flower tops)2 Incense & insecticide2
Artemisia roxburghiana Bess. JAB-GUH-20468   H Plant extract2 (Antipyretic, Tonic & also rubbed on skin allergy)2
Asparagus filicinus Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don JAB-GUH-20436   H Root tuberous2 (Diabetes, diarrhoea & dysentery)2
Aster peduncularis Wallich JAB-GUH-20687   H (Plant extract & Root powder)2 (Renal-calculi & stomachic)2
Barleria cristata L. JAB-GUH-20417   H (Root decoction, Root & Leaves paste)2 (Bronchitis & pneumonia, wound swelling)2
Begonia picta Smith JAB-GUH-20411   H Plant decoction2 Colic & dyspepsia2
Bergenia ciliata (Haw.) Sternb. JAB-GUH-20650   H (Root5 rhizomatous)2 (Tonic, febrifuge, digestive & cutaneous disorders)2, (Fevers, diarrhoea & pulmonary infections)5
Bidens bipinnata L. JAB-GUH-20440   H Leaf juice2 (Leprosy initial stages, lactating mothers, cuts)2
Bidens biternata (Lour.) Merr. & Sherff JAB-GUH-20441   H Leaf juice2 (Leprosy initial stages, lactating mothers, cuts)2
Bidens pilosa L. JAB-GUH-20444   H (Plant extract & herbs of plants)2 (Cough & Bronchitis, leucoderma)2
Bistorta amplexicaulis (D.Don) Greene JAB-GUH-20600   H (Plant decoction & Leaf paste)2 (Cause abortion, wounds & relieves dysentery)2
Bistorta vaccinifolia (Wall. ex Meisn.) Greene. JAB-BSD-114056 R2 H Root decoction2 Tuberculosis2
Blumea lanceolaria (Roxb.) Druce JAB-GUH-20679   H Leaf paste2 Wounds & cuts2
Buddleja asiatica Lour. JAB-GUH-20485   S Leaf extract & Roots2 Skin diseases & Abortifacient2
Bupleurum falcatum L. JAB-GUH-20427   H Root decoction2 Fever & liver troubles2
Calanthe tricarinata Lindl. JAB-GUH-20573   H (Leaf paste Leaves & Pseudo-bulbs)2 (Sores & eczema, aphrodisiac)2
Callicarpa arborea Roxb. JAB-GUH-20672   T Bark2 Skin ailments2
Cannabis sativa L. JAB-GUH-20488   H Flowers2 Intoxicating agent2
Carpinus viminea Lindl. JAB-GUH-20503   T Leaves5 Bone fracture5
Clematis buchananiana DC. JAB-GUH-20611   S Leaf paste2 Skin ailments2
Clematis montana Buch.-Ham. ex DC. JAB-GUH-20618   H Leaf extract2 Diabetes & urinary troubles2
Clinopodium umbrosum (M.Bieb.) C. Koch JAB-GUH-20558   H (Plant extract & Leaf infusion)2 (Astringent, carminative, Blood purifier & Gastric troubles)2
Corallodiscus lanuginosus (Wall. ex DC.) B.L. Burtt JAB-BSD-114064   H Leaves2 Kidney stone2
Coriaria nepalensis Wallich JAB-GUH-20502 R2 S Fruits2 Emetic2
Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. JAB-GUH-20640   S Leaf, Fruits & Root Paste2 Diarrhoea, Cuts & Wounds2
Cyathula capitata Moq. JAB-GUH-20422   H (Leaf extract & Urticle)2 Emetic & abortifacient2
Cyathula tomentosa Moq. JAB-GUH-20421   H Leaf extract2 (Emetic property & given in snake bite)2
Cynoglossum glochidiatum Wall. ex Benth. JAB-BSD-114059   H Root extract2 Dyspepsia & digestive disorders2
Cynoglossum lanceolatum Forssk. JAB-GUH-20481   H Plant infusion2 Cold & cough2
Debregeasia salicifolia (D.Don) Rendle JAB-GUH-20666   S Bark2 Plaster for Bone Fracture2
Delphinium vestitum Wall. ex Royle JAB-GUH-20616   H Plant Stem5 Body swelling5
Desmodium elagans DC. JAB-GUH-20531   S Root infusion & Roots2 Epilepsy & Carminatives2
Deutzia compacta Craib. JAB-GUH-20541   S Leaves2 Diuretic2
Dicliptera bupleuroides Nees JAB-GUH-20418   H (Leaf5 paste & juice)2 (Wounds cough & gastro-enteritis)2 (Fever, skin diseases & stomachache)5
Dipsacus inermis Wallich JAB-GUH-20483   H Root paste2 Leucoderma & contusions2
Elephantopus scaber L. JAB-GUH-20448   H (Root extract & leaves)2 (Fever, stops vomiting, tonic for blood diseases)2
Elsholtzia fruticosa (D.Don) Rehder. JAB-GUH-20551   S Seeds2 Sciatica reliever2
Elsholtzia strobilifera Benth. JAB-GUH-20549   H (Plant5 paste)2 (Bruises & wounds5)2
Eupatorium odenophorum Spreng. JAB-GUH-20452   S Leaves2,5 Wounds2, Skin diseases5
Euphorbia chamaesyce L. JAB-GUH-20410   H Plant juice2 (Constipation & dysentery to infants)2
Euphorbia hypericifolia L. JAB-GUH-20529   H Leaf infusion2 (Dysentery, diarrhoea, menorrhagia)2
Euphorbia pilosa Linn. JAB-GUH-20528   H (Root decoction & Fruits)2, Seed & Leaves5 Constipation & emetic2, Food poisoning5
Fagopyrum dibotrys (D.Don) Hara JAB-GUH-20597   H Leaf paste2 Insect bite2
Fragaria nubicola Lindl. ex Lacaita JAB-GUH-20628   H Leaf juice2 Ear ache2
Galinsoga parviflora Cav. JAB-GUH-20697   H Plant extract2 Antidote of nettle sitting2
Galium aparine L. JAB-GUH-20646   H (Leaf extract & plant5 waste)2, Astringent5, skin diseases2
Galium asperifolium Wallich. JAB-GUH-20648   H Plant waste2 Skin ailments2
Geranium wallichianum D. Don ex Sweet JAB-BSD-114067   H Root5 juice2 (Otorrhoea & opthalmia)2, (Dysentery & cold)5
Gerbera gossypina (Royle) P. Beauv. JAB-GUH-20449   H (Leaf juice & paste)2 (Cuts, wounds, plaster on bone fracture)2
Girardiana diversifolia (Link) Friis JAB-GUH-20670   H Leaf juice2, Plant whole5 Gonorrhoea2, Diuretic5
Gonatanthus pumilus (D.Don) Engl. & Krause JAB-GUH-20431   H Root tuber paste2 Burns & wounds2
Gonostegia hirta (Blume) Miq JAB-GUH-20669   H Roots2 Plaster on fractured bones2
Hippophae salicifolia D.Don JAB-GUH-20520   T Fruits2,5 (Dandruff)2 & (Cardiac trouble)5
Holmskioldia sanguinea Retz. JAB-GUH-20673   S Leaf paste & Roots2 Body Swelling & Febrifuge2
Hypericum choisianum Wall. ex N. Robson JAB-GUH-20691 R2 S Leaf powder2 Fever2
Impatiens scabrida DC. JAB-GUH-20474   H Plant Stem2 Cause abortion2
Indigofera heterantha Wall. ex Brandis JAB-GUH-20532   S Leaf juice2 Diarrhoea, Dysentery & Cough2
Inula cappa (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) DC. JAB-GUH-20456   S Roots2 Suppressed urination2
Juglans regia L. JAB- GUH-20520   T Leaves2 , (Bark & Roots)5 Fungicide & Insecticide2 , Tooth ache5
Jurinea dolomiaea Boiss. JAB-GUH-20443 E3 H Root5 Incense, fever5
Lamium album L. JAB-GUH-20559   H Plant decoction2, Flower5 Contraceptive2, Bleeding after childbirth5
Leptodermis Lanceolata Wallich JAB-GUH-20643   S Bark paste2 Migraines2
Leucas lanata Benth. JAB-GUH-20553   H Plant infusion2 Whooping cough2
Leycesteria formosa Wallich JAB-GUH-20494   S Leaf paste2 Dandruff & Lice in hair2
Lindenbergia indica (L.) Vatke JAB-GUH-20656   H Leaves2 (Bronchitis, Cuts & wounds)2
Lonicera angustifolia Wall. ex DC. JAB-GUH-20495   S Fruits2 Gastric troubles of cattle2
Lyonia ovalifolia (Wallich) Drude JAB-GUH-20524   T Seed paste2 Wounds & Boils2
Maianthemum purpureum (Wall.) La Frankie JAB-GUH-20565   H Leaf extract2 Dysmenorrhoea2
Morina longifolia Wall. ex DC. JAB-GUH-20571 R2 H (Root5 paste & dried roots)2 (Wounds & incense)2, (Burns & boils)5
Myrica esculenta Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don JAB-GUH-20702   T Bark2,4 ,Leaves5 & Fruit4,5 (Intoxicate to fishes)2 (Vit. C, Asthama, Bronchitis, Diarrhoea & tooth ache)4 (Skin diseases & wounds)5
Neolitsea pallens (D.Don) Momiyama & Hara JAB-GUH-20563   T Fruits2 Scabies & Eczema2
Nepeta ciliaris Benth. JAB-GUH-20552   H (Leaf & seed decoction)2 Fever2
Nomocharis oxypetala (Royle.) E.H.Wilson. JAB-GUH-20557   H Bulb5 Vigorous5
Origanum vulgare L. JAB-GUH-20561   H Plant extract2, Leaves5 (Bronchitis, colic & diarrhoea)2, Toothache, swelling5
Paeonia emodii Wall. ex Royle JAB-GUH-20575   H (Roots & flower infusion)2, Tuber& leaves5 (Whooping cough, diarrhoea, intestinal spasms)2, Uterine diseases5
Parnassia nubicola Wall. ex Royle JAB-GUH-20539   H Root5 paste2 Antidote of snake bite2, Boils5
Pedicularis hoffmeisteri Klotz. JAB-GUH-20657   H Plant whole5 Food poisoning5
Persicaria polystachya (Wall. ex Meissn.) H. Gross JAB-GUH-20598   S Leaf paste2 Laceration of toes2
Phalaris minor Retz. JAB-GUH-20591   H Root paste2 Wounds2
Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Benth. JAB-GUH-20654 R1, CE3,Vu6 H Root5 Fever, stomachache5
Pimpinella acuminata (Edgew.) C.B. Clarke JAB-GUH-20428   H Plant extract2 Diarrhoea & dysentery2
Pimpinella diversifolia DC. JAB-GUH-20426   H Plant extract2 (Digestive disorders, cold & cough)2
Pinus roxburghii Sargent JAB-GUH-20701   T Saw Dust2 & Aerial parts4 (Asthma & Bronchitis)2 , (Resin for cracked toes)4
Plantago depressa Willd. JAB-GUH-20580   H (Leaf & seed paste)2 (Cuts, wounds, piles)2
Plantago himalaica Pilger. JAB-GUH-20579   H Leaves5 Dysentery5
Podophyllum hexandrum Royle. JAB-GUH-20592 R1,E3, E6 H Root5 Wounds5
Polygonatum verticillatum (L.) All. JAB-GUH-20564 Vu3 H (Root5 paste & powder)2 (Gastric problems5, wounds)2
Primula denticulata Sm. JAB-GUH-20606   H (Flower & root paste)2 (Diabetes & urinary ailments, lice killing)2
Prinsepia utilis Royle JAB-GUH-20413   S (Seed5 oil)2 & (Root5-bark)2 (Rheumatic pain, Diarrhoea)2 & (Pile, Stomach disorders)5
Pyrus pashia Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don JAB- GUH-20699   T Fruits2,4,5 & Bark4 (Digestive disorder)2 ,5(Astringent, Laxative, Anthelmintic, Febrifuge)4
Ranunculus hirtellus Royle. JAB-GUH-20620   H Plant paste2 Wounds2
Reinwardtia indica Dumort. JAB-GUH-20566   H Flowers2 Tongue wash2
Rhamnus virgatus Roxb. JAB-GUH-20624   S Bark paste & Fruits2 Eczema & Ring Worm, Emetic & Purgative2
Rhododendron arboreum Smith JAB-GUH-20521   T Flower2,4 , Bark2, & (Young Shoots)5 (Digestive and respiratory disorder)2 (tonic for heart, diarrhoea & dysentery)4 (Headache, Blood dysentery)5
Rhus javanica L. JAB-GUH-20424   S Fruits & Bark Paste2 Colic & Cholera, Swelling & Wounds2
Rosa sericea Lindl. JAB-GUH-20626 R2 S Flower juice2 & Fruits5 Bowel complaints2, (Headaches & Liver complaints)5
Roscoea alpina Royle JAB-BSD-114063 R2 H (Plant extract, leaf powder)2, Root5 (Tonic, cuts & wounds of cattle)2, (urinary diseases & tuberculosis)5
Roylea cinerea (D.Don) Baill. JAB-GUH-20556   S Leaves decoction2 Malarial fever2
Rubia manjith Roxb. ex Fleming JAB-GUH-20647   S (Roots5 & Flowers)2 (Tonic & Astringent, Bacillary Dysentery)2, (Lower blood pressure, Kidney stone)5
Rubus nepalensis (Hook.f.) Kuntze JAB-GUH-20625   H Root paste2 Burns & scalds2
Rubus niveus Thunb JAB-GUH-20638   S Fruit extract & Fruit juice2 Dysmenorrhoea & Antidote of snake bite2
Rumex hastatus D.Don JAB-GUH-20603   H Leaf extract2 (Cuts & wounds, nettle sitting reliever)2
Rumex nepalensis Spreng. JAB-GUH-20602   H Leaf5 infusion2 (Dysmenorrhoea, stomach ache)2, Etching5
Salvia hians Royle ex Benth. JAB-GUH-20555 R2 H Leaf juice2, Root5 (Arthritic, pain & eczema, body swelling)2, (cold, coughs & anxiety)5
Salvia nubicola Wall. ex Sw. JAB-GUH-20560   H (Leaf paste, Root5 extract)2 (Wounds, cold & cough)2, Fever5
Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn. JAB-GUH-20649   T Fruit2,4 & Seed4 Hair2, (Expectorant, antiepileptic, Emetic, febrifuge & Dental cares)4
Sarcococca saligna (D.Don) Muell.-Arg. JAB-GUH-20486   S Leaves2, Roots5 Joint pain2, Bawseer5
Saussurea albescens (DC.) Sch.-Bip. JAB-GUH-20466   H Flower heads2 Bronchitis reliever2
Saussurea auriculata (Spreng. ex DC.) Sch.-Bip. JAB-BSD-114072 R2 H Leaf paste2 Venereal diseases2
Saxifraga diversifolia Wall. ex Ser. JAB-BSD-14071   H Root extract2 Vermifuge2
Selinum candollii DC. JAB-GUH-20409   H Root5 powder2 (Asthma, cough, hysteria)2, Toothache5
Senecio graciliflorus DC. JAB-GUH-20462   H (Leaf paste & Juice of heads)2 (Ringworm diseases & insect bites, pussed ear)2
Silene edgeworthii Bocquet. JAB-GUH-20499   H (Leaf & young shoots juice)2 Eye infections2
Solanum suratteuse Burm. JAB-GUH-20660   H (Fruits & flower buds)2 (Fever, cough, asthama, gonorrhoea, eye ailments)2
Solidago virgaurea L. JAB-BSD-114061   H (Leaves & herb juice, Chewed roots)2 (Kidney troubles, asthma, rheumatism, wounds, throat irritation)2
Sorbaria tomentosa (Lindl.) Rehder JAB-GUH-20637   S Fruits (smoke)2 Asthama2
Sorbus aucuparia L. JAB-GUH-20632 R2 T Fruit extract2 Cough & Cold2
Sorbus cuspidata (Spach) Hedlund JAB-GUH-20634 R2 T Bark decoction2 Fever2
Swertia chirayita (Roxb. ex Fleming) Karsten JAB-GUH-20538 E3, Vu6 H Leaves5 Blood diseases5
Swertia ciliata (G.Don) Burtt. JAB-BSD-114044   H Plant extract2, Leaves5 Malaria2, Blood purifier5
Synotis alatus (Wall. ex DC.) C. Jeffrey & Chen. JAB-GUH-20681 R2 H Plant decoction2 Fever2
Taraxacum officinale Weber. JAB-GUH-20465   H Root5 extract2 (Migraines, hepatitis & head ache)2, Blood purifier5
Taxus baccata L. JAB-GUH-20661   T Bark2,5 & Bark Paste2 (Plaster on fractured bones Headache)2 & (Breast Pile)5
Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq. JAB-GUH-20662   H (Root juice, Fruits & Leaves)2 (Cuts, delivery facilitation)2
Urena lobata L. JAB-GUH-20568   H Root paste2 (Body pain & rheumatism)2
Urtica ardens Link. JAB-GUH-20668   H (Seed oil & Leaf extract)2 (Sciatica, rheumatism, skin ailments, hair-wash for avoiding baldness)2
Urtica dioica L. JAB-GUH-20664   H (Seed oil & Leaf extract)2, Root5 (Sciatica, rheumatism, skin ailments, hair-wash for avoiding baldness)2, Boils5
Valeriana hardwickii Wallich JAB-GUH-20671   H (Root5 decoction & Root paste)2 (Urinary disorder, joint pains)2, Wounds5
Verbascum thapsus L. JAB-GUH-20652   H (Plant extract & Seeds)2, Leaf & flower5 (Asthma, bronchitis, narcotic)2, (Ulcers, tumors & piles)5
Vernonia anthelmintica (L.) Willd. JAB-GUH-20455   H Leaf powder2 (Intestinal disorder, fever & skin ailments)2
Vernonia cinerea (L.) Less. JAB-GUH-20407   H (Leaf extract & seeds)2 (Dysentery, cold & cough)2
Veronica anagallis-aquatica Linn. JAB-GUH-20658   H Plant juice2 (Cuts, burns & sores)2
Viburnum cotinifolium D.Don JAB-GUH-20496   T Bark decoction2 Hepatic & digestive disorder2
Viburnum erubescens Wall. ex DC. JAB-GUH-20490   S Leaves2 Insecticide2
Viburnum grandiflorum Wall ex DC. JAB-GUH-20492   S Bark Decoction2 Hepatic troubles2
Viburnum nervosum D.Don JAB-GUH-20493   S Bark Decoction2 Menorrhagia2
Viola canescens Wallich JAB-GUH-20690   H (Plant4 decoction, Root & Leaf5 juice)2 (Malarial fever, bronchitis, asthma, emetic, cuts & wounds)2, (Headache,cold, cough & malaria)5, (Expectorant, antipyretic, diaphoretic)4
Woodfordia fruticosa (L.) Kurz JAB-GUH-20567   S Leaves & bark, Dry flowers2 Febrifuge, Haemorrhoids2
Zanthoxylum armatum DC JAB-GUH-20460 Vu3 S Leaves & Fruits2 (Seed & Bark)5 Mouth wash2 & tooth ache2,5 (Infection in stored grain)5
  1. Abbreviation Habit: T Tree, S = Shrub, H = Herb Status: R = Rare, Vu = Vulnerable, Ce = Critically Endangered, E = Endangered. Superscript: (1) = Red Data Book (IUCN, 1993), (2) = Gaur 1999, (3) = National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB, 2003), (4) = Joshi et al. 2010, (5) = Singh & Rawat 2011, (6) = Semwal et al. 2007.) J.A.B = Jahangeer Akbar Bhat, GUH = Garhwal University Herbarium, BSD = Botanical Survey Dehradun.