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Table 2 Comparative table of the peak periods of occurrence and the phenophases of Spondias tuberosa Arruda (Anacardiaceae), obtained through the collaborative approach "Phenological Calendar" (former to 4 groups with around 6 person/group) and the phenological monitoring in the field in the city of Altinho, Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil

From: Phenology of Spondias tuberosaArruda (Anacardiaceae) under different landscape management regimes and a proposal for a rapid phenological diagnosis using local knowledge

  Flowering Fruiting Leaf flush Leaf fall
Phenological Calendar Period Peak Period Peak Period Peak Period Peak
Group 1 Native Dec–Mar Jan Mar–Jun Apr Jan–Jun Apr Jul–Feb Oct–Dec
  Managed Nov–Feb Dec Jan–Jun Mar Jan–May Mar May–Feb Aug–Nov
Group 2 Native Oct-Mar Dec Nov–Jul Apr Oct–Dec Dec Apr–Jan Aug–Sep
  Managed Oct–Mar Dec Oct–Jun Mar Oct–Dec Dec Apr–Jan Aug–Sep
Group 3 Native Oct–Mar Jan Jan–May Mar Sep–Apr Jan–Feb Jun–Jan Oct-Nov
  Managed Oct–Mar Jan Jan–May Mar Oct–Mar Dec–Jan Jun–Jan Sep–Nov
Group 4 Native Dec–May Feb Dec–Jun Apr Dec–Jan Dec Aug–Jan Dec
  Managed Nov–Apr Jan Dec–Jun Mar Jan Jan Aug–Feb Nov–Dec
Phenological monitoring         
1st year Native Mountain Sep–Feb Nov–Dez Nov–May Mar Oct–Jun Feb Jan–Dec Nov
   Mountain Base Sep–Feb Nov Nov–Apr Mar Jan–Dec Mar Jan–Dec Nov
  Managed Cultivation Aug–Apr Nov Nov-Jun Mar Jan–Dec Mar Jan–Dec Nov
   Pasture Aug–Mar Nov Nov–May Mar Jan–Dec Feb–Mar Jan–Dec Nov
   Homegardens Aug–Feb Nov Nov–May Feb–Mar Jan–Dec Mar Jan–Dec Nov
2nd year Native Mountain Oct–Mar Dec Nov–Jul Mar Jan–Dec Mar–Apr Jul–Feb Oct–Jan
   Mountain Base Sep–Mar Nov Nov–Jun Mar Jan–Dec Mar–Apr May–Feb Sep–Oct
  Managed Cultivation Sep–Mar Nov Nov-Jun Mar Jan–Dec Feb–Apr May–Feb Sep–Oct
   Pasture Sep–Mar Nov Nov–Jul Jan–Mar Jan–Dec Feb–May May–Feb Sep–Oct
   Homegardens Sep–Mar Nov Nov–Jun Mar Jan–Dec Feb–Apr Jan–Dec Sep–Oct