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Table 10 Elevation, aspect, and geomorphology related set of Csángó habitat terms, their meanings and English equivalents (literal translations of names are given in parentheses)

From: Multidimensionality and scale in a landscape ethnoecological partitioning of a mountainous landscape (Gyimes, Eastern Carpathians, Romania)

Csángó habitat names Meanings and English equivalents
bennvaló hely, bent 1 Grasslands and fields in the valley among the houses (inner place)
lokhely / alj / alvidék / falu 1 Inhabited areas in the valleys at lower elevation (inhabited place / bottom / in low region / village)
ódal, ódalas hely 1 Side/slope of a valley (sided, sided place)
kinnvaló hely 1 High mountain grasslands and forests (outer place)
hegy, havas 1 High mountain grasslands and forests (mountain / snowy)
csúf hely 2,3 Area not mown or grazed, stony or with twigs, or steep, difficult to walk through (ugly place)
porond 2 Young and old stream banks (deposits) with gravel (elevated)
domb, dombos hely 1,2 An area with remnant soil hummocks of fallen spruce trees (hill, hilly place)
verőfényes hely 1 Southern slope (place with bright sunshine)
észkos hely, észok 1 Northern slope (northy place)
vőgy, szurduk, hajlás 1 Valley, canyon, incline (the same)
muzsda 3 Edge of an arable terrace
hegyi gödrök 3 Large depressions in the mountains with grasslands and surrounded by forests (mountain holes)
tető, legmagosabb hely 1 Hilltop, highest place (the same)
meredek 1 Steep slopes in the mountains (steep)
  1. Superscripts indicate scale: 1macrohabitat; 2mesohabitat; 3microhabitat.