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Table 11 Examples of habitat descriptions of Onobrychis viciifolia and Rosa canina agg

From: Multidimensionality and scale in a landscape ethnoecological partitioning of a mountainous landscape (Gyimes, Eastern Carpathians, Romania)

Onobrychis viciifolia (local name: bartacin) "It only likes sunny places, where it is stony."
"Bartacin grows on inner mountain slopes, which are not manured. If manured, it disappears. In hay meadows."
"Bartacin likes sunny slidey places. Likes stony places, and gravel bars. If flooded, with gravel, poor, bartacin grows. There is a lot here on sunny slopes in the hay meadows."
“In hay meadows, on sunny places. On poor places, which are stony.”
Rosa canina agg. (local name: hecselli) "On poor places, which are stony, on loamy soil. In our pasture there is a lot, where the soil is loamy, stony.”
"Everywhere. On slopes, everywhere. On hay meadows, on pastures, along roads. You do not have to plant it, it spreads.”
"Hecselli grows on sunny, slumping slopes, not on northern slopes. It grows everywhere here on the sunny slopes on the pasture, where it is a bit slumping, stony."
"On sunny places, along roads, on pastures and hay meadows.”