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Table 12 Mountain hay meadow types, named by indicator species

From: Multidimensionality and scale in a landscape ethnoecological partitioning of a mountainous landscape (Gyimes, Eastern Carpathians, Romania)

Csángó habitat names Botanical meaning, and English equivalents
imolás kaszáló Manured hay meadow with the dominance of Trisetum flavescens and other tall grasses (hay meadow with tall grasses)
zableveles kaszáló An area with grasses like Brachypodium pinnatum, Dactylis glomerata, and Festuca pratensis (having oat-leaved species)
vadlóherés kaszáló Hay meadow at higher elevation with wild Trifolium spp. (hay meadow with clover)
báránylábas-bakcekás kaszáló Hay meadow with a dominance of Salvia pratensis and Tragopogon orientale at low elevation (hay meadow with Salvia and Tragopogon)
bartacines kaszáló An area with oversown Onobrychis viciifolia (hay meadow with Onobrychis)
kecskekapros kaszáló Hay meadow with Laserpitium latifolium, a species difficult to mow (hay meadow with Laserpitium)
zsanikás kaszáló Hay meadow with Alchemilla spp. at higher elevation (hay meadow with Alchemilla)
ördögbordás kaszáló Hay meadow, degraded by Pteridium aquilinum (hay meadow with Pteridium)