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Table 6 Disturbance related set of Csángó habitat terms, their meanings and English equivalents (literal translations of names are given in parentheses)

From: Multidimensionality and scale in a landscape ethnoecological partitioning of a mountainous landscape (Gyimes, Eastern Carpathians, Romania)

Csángó habitat names Meanings and English equivalents
ganyés, trágyázott hely 2 Manured site, a nutrient rich area (manured place)
johókosározott hely 2,3 Place of former sheep corrals (the same)
esztenás hely 3 A nutrient rich area around mountain farms, or on the place of sheep corrals (place with a mountain farm)
ahol az állatok kitapossák 3 , tapodott hely 2 /nem tapodott hely 2 Areas trampled (or not) by animals or humans (trampled by animals/ trampled area / not trampled area)
ahol legelnek a marhák 2 Synonym of pasture (where cattle graze)
hangyaboly 3 Anthill on the meadows and pastures, the main habitat of Thymus-species (anthill)
gyomos hely 2 A degraded place dominated by weeds (weedy place)
felmaradt épület-hely 3 Area of a former mountain building (abandoned building place)
friss vágtér 2 New clear cut area (the same)
vízmeghajtotta helyeken 2 Flooded area with erosion and accummulation of gravel and sand (flooded place)
égetéses hely, perzselés 2,3 A burnt area, usually recovered by forest or a singed area, usually Nardus or Juniperus was singed (burning / singeing)
aszalás 3 An area where spruce trees were ring-girdled (desiccated)
suvadás, suvadós hely 2,3 An area with characteristic landslide (slide, slidey place)
martos, mart 3 Suddenly steep part of an area (bitten)
mocskos hely 3 Small organic garbage dump or pile of twigs, e.g. along fences, on stream banks (dirty place)
  1. Superscripts indicate scale: 1macrohabitat; 2mesohabitat; 3microhabitat.