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Table 7 Habitat set of Csángó habitat terms applied to highly disturbed areas, their meanings and English equivalents (literal translations of names are given in parentheses)

From: Multidimensionality and scale in a landscape ethnoecological partitioning of a mountainous landscape (Gyimes, Eastern Carpathians, Romania)

Csángó habitat names Meanings and English equivalents
épületek mellett, házak szélén 3 Close to buildings and houses (the same)
istállók körül, mellett 3 Around the barn, close to the barn (the same)
út mellett, útszéleken 2,3 On road edges (next to roads / along roads)
ösvenyek mentin 2,3 Along paths, a trampled habitat (along paths)
kert mellyéke 2 Along a fence (the same)
sánc, árok 3 Ditch, along ditches (ditch)
  1. Superscripts indicate scale: 1macrohabitat; 2mesohabitat; 3microhabitat.