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Table 1 Characteristics of questionnaire applied to the fishermen experts in Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil, 2010–2011

From: Attitudes and local ecological knowledge of experts fishermen in relation to conservation and bycatch of sea turtles (reptilia: testudines), Southern Bahia, Brazil

Characteristics Number of questions Percentage of questionnaires
Fisherman profile (sex, age, birthplace, nº of children, schooling) 10 12
Structure and work equipment (types of fishing boat, fishing activity) 19 23
Knowledge about turtles (feeding areas/nesting areas/dive time/ecological knowledge) 13 16
Projective test (identification of species of turtles through images/photos) 6 7
Knowledge bycatch (depth, capture location, likely species, state animal, fishing gear). 16 20
Attitudes towards conservation (probable reactions around turtles) 8 10
Beliefs and Taboos (eat, when, who can?) 10 12
Total 82 100