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Table 7 Multivariate logistic regression models of the impact of socio-demographics and house flies knowledge on house flies preventive measures

From: A cross sectional survey of knowledge, attitude and practices related to house flies among dairy farmers in Punjab, Pakistan

Model H0 −2LL* P£
Locality + Education + Breeding site knowledge + Preventive measures knowledge + Int**   70.51 ----
Locality + Education + Breeding site knowledge + Preventive measures knowledge βInt = 0 71.78 0.866
Education + Breeding site knowledge + Preventive measures knowledge βLocality = 0 74.74 0.261
Education + Breeding site knowledge βPreventive measures knowledge = 0 76.76 0.043
  1. *-2 log likelihood, ** All possible 2 way interactions, £ p values based on chi square of −2 log likelihood difference between the reduced model and initial model. The predictors: locality, education level of the farmers, farmers’ knowledge about house flies breeding sites and preventive measures, had P values < 0.25 and were the potential predictors in univariate analysis (Table 6). These four potential predictors were then entered in the multivariate model by following the methodology of Hosmer and Lemeshow [17]. In succeeding steps, the predictors with a P > 0.05 in the previous step were removed from the model until complete loss of fit (P < 0.05) of the model was achieved.