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Table 2 Categories of diseases with the respective descriptions recorded in the municipalities of Zetaquira and Campo Hermoso

From: Use and valuation of native and introduced medicinal plant species in Campo Hermoso and Zetaquira, Boyacá, Colombia

Category Diseases
Digestive system Inflamations of intestine, intestinal obstipation, intestinal obstipation in newborns, diarrhoea, apendicitis, stomach aches, enhance stomach function, gastritis, stomach ulcer, against stomach acids, liver cleanser, hepatitis, against bad breath, againts umbilical, hernia, diabetes, high bilirubin in new born, tooth pain, mouth driedness, sensitive gums
Bacterial,parasitic and mycotic infections Inflamations and skin infections, erisipela, againts acne and feet`s fungus, against warts, infections in throat, gripe, intestinal parasits, eye inflamations and infections, eye dust, mouth infections, againts hair lice, typhus, denge
Musculoskeletal system Rheumatism, colds and spams in muscles and tendons, fractures in bones, back pain
Nervous system Memory loss, nervous system tonics, nervous tension, children with problems to fall asleep, tiredness and weakness, body dryness
Inmune system Fevers, yellow fever
Integumentary system External and internal inflamations, allergies, infected wounds, excema, spots, rashes in adults, diaper rash
Reproductive system Prostata complaints, weak uterus, cramps in uterus and menstrual pains, uterus cleanser, menstrual disorders, healing of uterus after giving birth, to prevent extra bleeding during child delivery, to enhance lactation
Circulatory system Cardiac problems as hypertrophy, hipertension complaints, blood cleanser and tonic, antihemorragic, to stop nose bleeding in children
Respiratory system Sinusitis, to enhance lungs function, asthma, coughs
Urinary system Children bladder complaints, kidney and bladder complaints in adults
Cancer Stomach cancer, skin cancer, cancer in general
Accidents Ofidic accidents
Specific conditions Headaches, general indisposition, againts flies, to lose weight, hidropisy, againts hair loss, hair treatments
Other Food, condiment herb