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Table 4 Totally different folk names of plants among Arhorchin and Ejina

From: Wild plant folk nomenclature of the Mongol herdsmen in the Arhorchin national nature reserve, Inner Mongolia, PR China

Scientific names Arhochin Meanings Ejina Meanings
Cleistogenes squarrosa hazhaar ebes Bit grass cagan ebes White grass
Convolvulus arvensis hundagan huar Winecup flower oryamug Entwine
Limonium bicolor suun huar Milk flower zer in deleng Breast of Mongolian gazelle
Polygonum aviculare gejige ebes Hair grass wuyet wulan Red has node
Serratula centauroides hongolzuur —— gaxiun Bitter
Sphaerophysa salsula guzhe ebes Rumen grass porqigenur; honht ebes Crackling; grass has bell