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Table 3 Plant species used for ethnoveterinary purposes in the studies areas in Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions, Namibia

From: Ethnobotanical knowledge on indigenous fruits in Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions in Northern Namibia

Voucher number Local name Scientific name Family Ailment or diseases Plant parts used
IKSTF 001 Omuye Berchemia discolor (Klotzsch) Hemsl. Rhamnaceae Calf weakness Bark
IKSTF 002 Omukekete Ziziphus mucronata Willd. Rhamnaceae Cattle diarrhoea Roots
IKSTF 011 Omushe Grewia flavescens Juss. var. flavescens Malvaceae Cattle retained placentia Leaves & roots
IKSTF 015 Oshikukulu Ximenia americana L. var. microphylla Welw. ex Oliv. Olacaceae Goat swollen eye Leaves
IKSTF 021 Omukopakopa Grewia avellana Hiern Malvaceae Cattle diarrhoea Roots
IKSTF 037 Omulunga Hyphaene petersiana Klotzsch ex Mart. Arecaceae Dog lung disease Kernel
IKSTF 042 Omukokofi Parinari capensis Harv. subsp. capensis Chrysobalanaceae Snake bites in livestock Roots