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Table 1 Sociocultural and environmental information of market villages studied[11]

From: Influence of traditional markets on plant management in the Tehuacán Valley

Market Village Village total population Ethnic groups represented in market customers and sellers No. of different surrounding villages that use the market Market day(s) and Type of market1
San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán 3,920 Cuicatec, Ixcatec, Mestizo, Mazatec 7 Friday and Saturday (municipal ≈ 40 stands)
Teotitlán de Flores Magón 7,390 Mazatec, Nahua, Mestizo 27 Wednesday and Sunday (municipal ≈ 80 stands)
Coxcatlán 5,600 Nahua, Mixtec, Mestizo 7 Sunday (local ≈ 40 stands)
San Sebastián Zinacatepec 14,500 Nahua, Mixtec, Mestizo 18 Thursday (municipal ≈ 80 stands)
Ajalpan 24,800 Nahua, Mixtec, Popoloca, Mazatec, Mestizo 24 Wednesday and Sunday (microregional ≈ 180 stands)
Tehuacán 238, 200 Nahua, Mixtec, Mazatec, Cuicatec, Chocho, Popoloca, Mestizo 29 Saturday (regional ≈ 250 stands)