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Figure 4 | Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine

Figure 4

From: Wild mushroom- an underutilized healthy food resource and income generator: experience from Tanzania rural areas

Figure 4

Field observations of wild edible mushroom presenting: (a) Package for retail selling, Iringa market (b) In Tabora, fresh, dry mushrooms and other cereals (c) In Kigoma a girl selling mixed species of Cantharellus, Afrocatharellus, Amanita, Russula and Lactarius (d) The author recording different folk taxa from an interviewee in Kigoma open market (e) Termitomyces le-testui pieced on the string heading to the market in Mara, (f) A man holding Termitomyces le-testui for the meal in Serengeti.

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