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Table 1 Studied ethnic groups settlement and their main economic activities

From: Wild mushroom- an underutilized healthy food resource and income generator: experience from Tanzania rural areas

Country zone Settlement region Dominant tribes Economic activities
Western part Kigoma Ha agriculture, livestock keeping, fishing and gathering
  Tabora Nyamwezi, Manyema agriculture, livestock keeping and gathering
Lake zone Geita Sukuma, Zinza, Subi agriculture, livestock keeping, fishing, gathering, mining
  Mwanza Sukuma, Kerewe, Zinza fishing, agriculture and gathering
  Shinyanga Sukuma, Nyamwezi, Nyantuzu livestock keeping, fishing, mining agriculture and gathering
North eastern Mara-Serengeti Kurya, Jita livestock keeping, fishing, hunting and gathering
  Arusha-Ngorongoro Maasai, Sonjo livestock keeping, hunting and subsistence agriculture
Southern coast part Lindi Ngindo agriculture, fishing and gathering
  Mtwara Makonde, Mwela, Makua, Yao agriculture and gathering
Southern highlands Iringa Hehe, Bena, Kinga agriculture, livestock keeping, hunting and gathering
Northern coast part Coast Zaramo, Ngindo, Kwele fishing, subsistence agriculture and gathering
  Tanga Zigua, Bondei agriculture and gathering
  Dar es Salaam Zaramo, Ngindo fishing, subsistence agriculture and gathering