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Table 4 Inventory of edible insects used by members of the Tangsa tribe of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh

From: Comparative Survey of Entomophagy and Entomotherapeutic Practices in Six Tribes of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh (India)

Scientific name Order Family English name Vernacular name Seasonal availability Mode of intake Remarks
Aspongopus nepalensis Westwood 1837 Hemiptera Pentatomidae Bug Shiphon Dec- Feb Fried or roasted after removal of stink gland that tastes bitter Sometimes consumption causes psychiatric disorder
Tessaratoma quadrata Distant 1902 Hemiptera Pentatomidae Bug Shipho/ Nagoo Jan- Mar Roasted  
Unidentified Hemiptera Cicadidae Cicada Kapchera April- Aug Roasted Generally consumed by children
Apis (cerana) indica (Fabricius 1798) Hymenoptera Apidae Honeybee Yankung/ yakay Nov- Jan Immature stages and honey is being consumed; larvae are also being consumed, boiled  
Apis mellifera Linnaeus 1758 Hymenoptera Apidae Honeybee Yakay Nov- Jan Immature sages and honey are being consumed Honey is used widely as medicinal agent
Unidentified Hymenoptera Vespidae Wasp Yanjung Oct- Dec Immature are being consumed  
Eumenes sp. Hymenoptera Vespidae Wasp Longli Nov- Dec Generally larval stage is being consumed, when wings are not developed, fried  
Vespa orientalis Linnaeus 1771 Hymenoptera Vespidae Hornet Yandok Nov- Feb Immature stages are boiled  
Oecophylla smaragdina Fabricius 1775 Hymenoptera Formicidae Red ant Saisho Round the year Larvae and pupae boiled or fried