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Table 1 Categories of diseases mentioned by artisanal fishers of the Lami neighborhood, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

From: Traditional botanical knowledge of artisanal fishers in southern Brazil

Category of disease Mentioned medicinal use
Abortifact Abortifact
Aphrodisiac Aphrodisiac
Mouth and throat Toothache, gargling, mouth infection
Nutrition and metabolism Cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss, triglycerides
Skin Chilblains, wart removal
Circulatory system Blood thinning, anemia, raised blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart, to unblock veins, palpitations, pressure regulation
Digestive system Stomach, colic, congestion, diarrhea, abdominal pain, stomach ache, nausea, stomach, liver, gas, laxative, malaise, intestinal problems, antidiarrheal
Genitourinary system Bladder, cystitis, diuretic, inflammation of kidneys and bladder, urinary tract infection, menopause, increasing lactation, kidney stones, kidney, uterus
Nervous system Calmative
Musculoskeletal system and conjunctive tissue Hemorrhoids
Respiratory system Bronchitis, catarrh, expectorant, influenza, acute influenza, twinge, cold, cough
Parasitic and infectious Antibiotic, cystitis, fever, infection, inflammation of kidneys and bladder, external infection, internal infection, urinary tract infection, vermifuge
Poisoning Shingles, against poison, snake bite, insect stings
Skin lesions Healing, against poison, external infections, skin irritation, bruising (washing), snake bite, insect stings
Neoplasms Cancer
Hair treatment Hair, hair loss, itching scalp