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Table 2 Table showing the food value, other uses and recent conservation status of species mentioned in Table1 as per the IUCN Redlist

From: Indigenous knowledge of zootherapeutic use among the Biate tribe of Dima Hasao District, Assam, Northeastern India

Scientific Name/Family English name Vernacular name Is the species Rare or Abundant? Changes in abundance of the animal for the last 10 years (more Abundant/ Less Abundant/same/Rare) Food value (Price in Indian Rupees if sold) Uses other than food & medicine Threat status
        (IUCN Red List)
Class: Reptilia
Ophiophagus hannah (Cant. 1836) /Elapidae King Cobra Sok ngan Rare Less Abundant None None Vulnerable
Python molurus (Linn., 1758) /Pythonidae Python Rulpui Rare Rare None None Near Threatened
Varanus bengalensis (Daudin, 1802) /Varanidae Monitor lizard Sartang Rare Rare None None Least Concern
Gekko gecko (Linn. 1758) /Gekkonidae Tokay Gecko Totke Abundant Less Abundant None (Rs. 2,50,000 approx for 300 gm live animal) None Not Assessed
Melanochelys trijuga (Schw.1812) /Geoemydidae Indian Pond Terrapin Sarpha Rare Rare Yes (Rs 400 per kg) Pet Near Threatened
Class: Malacostraca
Paratelphusa sp. (Alcok, 1919) /Paratelphisidae Fresh water crab Iai Abundant Less Abundant Yes (Rs 5 per crab) None Not Assessed
Class: Gastropoda
Cryptozona sp (Moerch, 1872) /Ariophantidae Snail Napkhong Abundant Same None None Not Assessed
Lymnaea sp. (Lam. 1822) /Lymnaeidae Water snail Rifol Abundant Same Yes (Rs 40 per kg) None Not Assessed
Class: Insect
Cimex lectularius (Linn.1758) /Cimicidae Bed bugs Rifat Abundant Same None None Not Assessed
Periplanata americana (Linn. 1758) /Blattidae Cockroach Khalai Abundant Same None None Not Assessed
Class: Aves
Gallus gallus (Linn. 1758) /Phasianidae Jungle fowl Ram Ar Abundant Less Abundant Yes Pet Least Concern
Corvus macrorhynchos (Wagler, 1827) /Corvidae Jungle crow Va ak Abundant Same None None Least Concern
Rhyticeros undulatus (Shaw, 1811) /Bucerotidae Wreathed Hornbill Rangkek Rare Rare Yes Used in traditional dance by the Zeme Naga Tribe Not Assessed
Passer domesticus (Linn. 1758) /Passeridae House Sparrow Vasak Abundant Same Yes None Least Concern
Myophonus caeruleus (Scopoli, 1786) /Turdidae Blue whistling Thrush Vakok Rare Rare Yes Pet Least Concern
Buceros bicornis (Linn. 1758) /Bucerotidae Great Hornbill Vapual Rare Rare Yes Skull used as decoration Near Threatened
Upupa epops (Linn. 1758) /Upupidae Hoopoe Vathitok/Vakhawri Rare Rare Yes (Rs 1500 whole) Feather used as decoration Least Concern
Class : Mammalia
Manis crassicaudata (E. Geof. 1803) /Manidae Indian Pangolin Saphu Rare Rare Yes (Rs 10,000 whole skin) The skin is believed to posses powers to ward off black magic. Near Threatened
Canis aureus (Linn. 1758) /Canidae Golden Jackal Sihal Abundant Less Abundant Yes (Rs 250 per kg) None Least Concern
Muntiacus muntjak (Zimm. 1780) /Cervidae Barking Deer Sakhi Rare Rare Yes (Rs 400 per kg) None Least Concern
Eonycteris spelaea (Dobson, 1871) /Pteropodidae Bat Bak Abundant same None None Least Concern
Melursus ursinus (Shaw, 1791) /Ursidae Sloth Bear Ivom Rare Rare None Pet Vulnerable
Ursus thibetanus (Cuvier, 1823) /Ursidae Himalayan Black Bear Ivom Rare Rare None Pet Vulnerable
Hoolock hoolock (Harlan, 1834) /Hylobatidae Hoolock Gibbon Saha Rare Rare (almost extinct) Yes (Rs 250–300 per kg) Pet Endangered
Capricornis sumatraensis (Bechstein, 1799) /Bovidae Mainland Serow Sarza Rare Rare (almost extinct) Yes (Rs 300 per kg) Skin is used for making drums Vulnerable
Nycticebus coucang (Boddaert, 1785) /Lorisidae Slow Loris Sahuai Rare Rare Yes As Pet Vulnerable
Canis lupus familiaris (Linn. 1758) /Canidae Dog Ui Abundant Same Yes (Rs 200 per kg) Pet Not Assessed
Macaca assamensis (McClelland, 1840) /Cercopithecidae The Assamese Macaque Zong Abundant Less Abundant Yes (Rs 200–250 per kg) Pet Near Threatened
Hystrix indica (Kerr, 1792) /Hystricidae Indian Crested Porcupine Sarku Rare Rare Yes (Rs 400–600 whole) Spine used in traditional weaving Least Concern
Elephas maximus (Linn,1758) /Elephantidae Asian Elephant Saipui Rare Rare (almost extinct) Yes (Rs 300–500 per kg) None Endangered
Lutrogale perspicillata (Geoffroy, 1826) /Mustelidae Smooth coated otter Saram Rare Rare Yes None Vulnerable
Trachypithecus pileatus (Blyth, 1843) /Cercopithecidae Capped langur Idor Rare Rare Yes (Rs 250–300 per kg) None Vulnerable
Sus scrofa (Linn. 1758) /Suidae Wild Boar Sangal Abundant Same Yes (Rs 250–300 per kg) None Least Concern
Trachypithecus cristatus (Raffles, 1821) /Cercopithecidae Silvered Leaf Monkey Ngau Rare Rare Yes (Rs 200–250 per kg) Pet Near Threatened