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Table 2 Botanical remedies

From: Johan Turi’s animal, mineral, vegetable cures and healing practices: an in-depth analysis of Sami (Saami) folk healing one hundred years ago

Species Source Use(s) Method References
Angelica archangelica (wild celery) T1 p. 54 milk stabilizer and supplement add young plants (Sami: fadno) to milk A: [12, 13]
B: [5759]
T1 p. 54 food source flavor old plants (Sami: boska) with salt and eat A: [12, 13]
B: [5759]
Betula pubescens (downy birch) T1 p. 125 itchy skin rub affected area with ashes A: [12]
B: [58]
C: [51]
T1 p. 129 inability to pass afterbirth grind up downy birch buds (Betulina pubescens), mix with hot reindeer milk, sorrel, and water, and give to mother to drink A: [12]
B: [58, 59]
C: [20, 51]
Betula sp.(birch) T1 p. 54 coffee preparation (a drink) use a bracket fungus, grain, and birch sap (Betula sp.) B: [5860]
T1 p. 124 swelling and drawing out pus from a boil apply a thin layer of birch bark (Betula sp.) to the affected area A: [12]
B: [58]
Coffea arabica (coffee) T1 p. 121 headaches massage head and neck, pull hair at the apex of the head, wash the head in hot coffee A: [12]
C: [61]
Ferula assafoetida (stinking assa) T2 XXXIX parasites in dogs give the dog stinking assa (Ferula assafoetida) and sulfur to eat A: [12, 62, 63]
B: [62]
C: [62, 6466]
Lichen (sod) T2 XVIII earth bostta rub a piece of sod (possibly including lichens) on affected area B: [58]
C: [67, 68]
(Usnea sp.) T1 p. 54 bread preparation use beard lichen (Usnea sp.), other lichens, inner bark of a pine tree (Pinus sylvestris), with a little flour added B: [5860]
C: [47]
Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine) T1 p. 54 bread preparation use beard moss (Usnea sp.), lichens, inner bark of a pine tree (Pinus sylvestris), with a little flour added A: [12]
B: [5860]
C: [47]
T1 p. 55 stomach ailments boil reindeer brains with pine bark (Pinus sylvestris) and fat and then ingest A: [12, 69]
B: [5860, 70]
C: [47]
Piptoporus betulinus (birch polypore) T2 XXXV toothache, fractures, rheumatism, headache, pneumonia burn a small amount of fungus (Piptoporus betulinus) directly on the affected area A: [12, 71]
B: [58]
C: [72]
Rumex acetosa (sorrel) T1 p. 22 healthy drink add reindeer milk and sorrel (Rumex acetosa) to hot water A: [12, 69]
Taphrina betulina (witch’s broom) T1 p. 125 itchy skin boil witch’s broom (Taphrina betulina) in water and then rub the preparation on the affected area A: [12]
C: [51, 73]
leaves from nine different kinds of trees T1 p. 125 itchy skin and many other ailments boil all leaves together and apply the mixture to the affected area B: [58]
  1. *magical treatment.
  2. **accompanying incantation.
  3. A: mentions of similar remedies used in other cultures.
  4. B: historical commentaries on a particular remedy or technique.
  5. C: research that evaluates the possible efficacy of compounds or techniques described in the remedy.