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Table 3 Mineral and chemical remedies

From: Johan Turi’s animal, mineral, vegetable cures and healing practices: an in-depth analysis of Sami (Saami) folk healing one hundred years ago

Compound Source Use(s) Method References
alcohol T1 p. 58 Turi says it is a substance which causes great harm ingestion  
ash/sand T1 p. 129 inability to pass afterbirth place a hot compress of sand and ash wrapped in woolen fabric just below mother’s chest A: [12, 13, 29]
C: [20, 33]
copper T1 p. 124 swelling mix flecks of copper into reindeer fat and apply to swelling A: [12, 13]
B: [8, 48]
C: [49, 50]
mercury (quicksilver) T1 p. 127 broken bones, contusions, shooting pains, severe diarrhea swallow a spoonful of quicksilver** A: [12, 13, 56]
B: [74]
C: [74, 75]
T1 p. 127 sties and other eye ailments apply quicksilver to affected area "
T1 p. 127 protects against ghosts carrying quicksilver* A: [12, 56]
Muscovite (fox gold, yellow mica) T1 p. 128 joint problems grind the muscovite as fine as flour, mix in water, and then drink* B: [76]
C: [77]
silver T1 p. 120 excessive bleeding press the bleeding vessel with a silver coin* A: [12, 13]
T1 p. 170 pain relief press silver to affected area* A: [12, 13]
B: [14]
snakestone T1 p. 115 skill at law steal a snakestone from where snakes breed* A: [12, 29, 56]
soot (carbon or copper oxides) T1 p. 124 male urinary blockage rub soot from the bottom of a copper kettle on the outside of the penis A: [12, 29]
strychnine T1 p. 94 wolf poison put strychnine mixed with lead shavings or inside a tallow plug in chunks of reindeer meat  
sulfur T2 XXXIX parasites in dogs give the dog stinking assa (Ferula asafetida) and sulfur to eat A: [13]
C: [78]
  1. *magical treatment.
  2. **accompanying incantation.
  3. A: mentions of similar remedies used in other cultures.
  4. B: historical commentaries on a particular remedy or technique.
  5. C: research that evaluates the possible efficacy of compounds or techniques described in the remedy.