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Table 5 Treatment regimens

From: Johan Turi’s animal, mineral, vegetable cures and healing practices: an in-depth analysis of Sami (Saami) folk healing one hundred years ago

Method   Source Use(s) Method summary References
bloodletting T1 p. 119 aches and pains of hip, back, chest, headache, shoulder, and acute shooting pains in other parts of the body bloodletting at specific locations* A: [12, 13]
B: [79]
cupping T1 p. 120 for various sorts of headache, back and chest pain, toothaches, and sore legs cupping at specific locations using an animal horn* A: [12, 13, 29, 56]
divination T1, T2 p. 111–112, XI prediction of weath, luck, impending death divination by examining bird and animal behavior* A: [13, 29, 56]
T1 p. 135 to see what is happening at different places divination by looking into alcoholic beverages* A: [13, 29, 56]
edema T1 p. 124 constipation, urinary stoppage application of an edema made from either oatmeal and warm water or reindeer bone fat and warm water A: [12, 13]
lancing T1 p. 121 toothache stab the sore gland near tooth with an awl, release at least three drops of blood A: [12]
magic T2 L preventing misfortune recite an incantation** A: [13, 29, 56]
magic (harm) T1, T2 p. 133–137,III, V-XIV, XLXLVII, LIV, LV invoking supernatural aggression recruit the help of a noaidi spirit worker*  
magic (ingestion of human subtances) T2 XIII, XVI, XLVIII unreciprocated love secretly give a small amount of blood, skin, or sweat to a person to eat to make them fall in love* A: [29]
C: [2528]
magic (object) T1 p. 115 maintaining good luck in legal matters steal a snakestone* A: [12, 29, 56]
magic (offerings) T1 p. 13, 111, 134 maintaining good luck leave offerings of reindeer carcasses, fish fat, and other precious objects at sacred sites* A: [13, 29, 56]
magic (offerings) T1, T2 p. 85, 156, 159,167, I-III maintaining good luck leave offerings of brass, gold, or silver coins at sacred sites, or pour portions of coffee or liquor into the ground* A: [13, 29, 56]
magic (words and transference) T2 XXIX boils recite an incantation and press a key on top of the boil** A: [13, 29, 56]
B: [14]
magic (words) T2 XXXI wounds caused by an iron weapon recite an incantation to accelerate healing** A: [13, 29, 56]
T1, T2 p. 125, XXII many ailments recite an incantation, however, not many people are skilled in this area** A: [13, 29, 56]
T1 p. 125 hemorrhage in chilbirth recite an incantation along with the administration of bird nest litter boiled in milk** A: [17, 18]
C: [1923]
T1 p. 128 abscesses and tumors recite an incantation** A: [13, 29, 56]
T1 p. 128 difficult labor during childbirth have the mother say the father’s name and drink some of his urine** C: [24]
T1 p. 44 prevention of bewitchment on Christmas Eve recite sections of the Bible by heart** A: [13, 29, 56]
T1 p. 104 driving wolves away cut a square out of a fresh wolf snow print and recite an incantation**  
T1 p. 122 skin eruptions recite an incantation while rubbing a frog on the affected area** A: [36]
B: [41]
C: [3640, 4245]
T2 XV exorcising ghosts recite an incantation** A: [13, 29, 56]
T2 XVIII, XIX, XXIII treating bostta recite an incantation** "
T2 XXI swelling recite an incantation** "
T2 XXX contusions recite an incantation** "
T2 XXV staunching bleeding recite an incantation** "
T2 XXVI strained tendons recite an incantation** "
T2 XXVIII body aches recite an incantation** "
massage T1 p. 124 frostbite rub the affected area with subsurface snow (“corn snow”) A: [12, 13, 29]
T1 p. 126 strained spermatic cords rub gently in an upward direction A: [12]
C: [80, 81]
T1 p. 126 backache massage the area, pull and stretch the skin A: [12, 13, 29]
C: [80, 81]
T1 p. 126 toothache rub both sides of throat, all around the mouth, neck tendons, and back tendons A: [12, 29]
C: [61, 86]
moxibustion T2 XXXIV swelling burn a small piece of sailcloth on the affected area A: [12]
T2 XXXV toothache, rheumatism, fracture,headache, pneumonia burn a small amount of fungus (Piptoporus betulinus) directly on the affected area A: [12, 71, 72]
physical manipulation T1 p. 167 dislocated joints and fractures cool the affected bones in a stream until numb then set the bones to the proper positions, secure with a splint  
poisoning T2 XXXIII, XLVI source of poison collect fluids from a dead body and use as an oral poison  
resuscitation T1 p. 24 unconscious infant (strangled by umbilical cord) suck on mouth and nose, leave cord intact  
T1 p. 127 fainting flap victim’s arms up and down A: [83]
C: [85]
transference T2 XXXV toothache press a bear’s tooth or reindeer jawbone on the affected area* A: [12, 13, 29, 56]
B: [14]
T2 XXXVII pregnancy cravings pass partially chewed food to female dog* A: [12, 13, 29]
B: [14]
C: [16]
vomition T1 p. 123 after having swallowed frog eggs or a diving beetle use rotten fish entrails or a reindeer tendon to induce vomiting  
  1. *magical treatment.
  2. **accompanying incantation.
  3. A: mentions of similar remedies used in other cultures.
  4. B: historical commentaries on a particular remedy or technique.
  5. C: research that evaluates the possible efficacy of compounds or techniques described in the remedy.