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Table 4 Other products used in the preparation of medicinal foods by Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants in the metro-Atlanta area

From: A comparison of traditional food and health strategies among Taiwanese and Chinese immigrants in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Chinese name English name MC Medicinal use %Ta %TW %CHN
红糖 Brown sugar Soup; Tea Alleviation of menstrual cramps; Warming 14 11 17
蜂蜜 Honey Soup prepared with ginger; Tea Sore throats; Tonic 18 22 13
White vinegar (acetic acid) Condiment Digestion; antibacterial 12 15 10
  1. aTotal % (T): This reflects the total number of informant citations; TW%: percent of Taiwanese informants that cited this use; CHN%: percent of Chinese informants that cited this use.