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Table 2 DNA barcoding of sterile medicinal orchids

From: Collection and trade of wild-harvested orchids in Nepal

Medicinal orchid DNA barcoding   
Scientific name Voucher number Marker Voucher sequence Reference sequence Citation for reference sequence
Coelogyne cristata Lindl. Subedi 224  nrITS    [31]
matK JF422077 AF302707
Coelogyne fimbriata Lindl. Subedi 225  nrITS JF422074 AF302745 [31]
matK JF422078 AF302710
Coelogyne stricta (D. Don) Schltr.; Subedi 314  nrITS JF422075 AF302757 [31]
matK JF422079 AF302722
Pleione praecox D. Don Kunwar 109  nrITS JF422076 AF461491 [33]
matK JF422082 AF503742