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Table 1 Diagnostics and summary statistics for cultural consensus analysis (CCA) results

From: An empirical comparison of knowledge and skill in the context of traditional ecological knowledge

Questionnaire Sample Missing Positive λ1/λ2 Mean Range
  size values responses   competence (sd)  
Arrow (men) 15 0.9% 91.1% 12.34/0.67 = 18.46 .90 (.12) .59-.99
Bag (women) 28 9.3% 30.0% 15.23/1.98 = 7.69 .71 (.22) .29-.96
  1. Missing values is the percentage of the responses for which participants declined to respond the question, Positive Responses is the percentage of all responses that were affirmative (all questions dichotomous), λ1/λ2 is the ratio of the first to second eigenvalues of the CCA analysis.