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Table 2 Termite species used in traditional folk medicine

From: Edible and medicinal termites: a global overview

Termite species/family Use Country(ies) Reference(s)
Treated diseases Several
Hodotermes mossambicus (Hagen, 1853) Child malnutrition   Zambia [62]
Macrotermes bellicosus (Smeathman, 1781) Suture wounds   Somalia [101]
Macrotermes nigeriensis (Sjoestedt, 1911e) Sickness in pregmant women, Wounds Spiritual protection against witches and wizards, rituals protection and promotion (in jobs, trade), appealing to gods and witches, safe delivery of baby, soothsaying (Afose) Nigeria [18,61]
Microcerotermes exiguus (Hagen, 1858) Asthma, Bronchitis, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Flu   Brazil [6,11,18,61,72,75,99]
Nasutitermes corniger (Motschulsky, 1855) Asthma, Cough, Flu, and sore throat, Antibiotic activity, Antimicrobial Chickens’ gogo (infectious coryza, a type of cold)/ Honey Brazil [15,18,66,68-70,73]
Nasutitermes macrocephalus (Silvestri, 1903) Asthma, Leakage, Bronchitis, ‘catarrh in the chest’ coughs, influenza, sore throat, sinusitis, tonsillitis and hoarseness   Brazil [6,16,18,65,67,71,73-75,100]
Odontotermes feae (Wasmann, 1896) Asthma   India [20]
Odontotermes formosanus (Shiraki, 1909) Ulcer, Better health, Body pain, Rheumatics, Anemia, The Enhacement of lactation   India [14,20,70,102]
Pseudacanthotermes spiniger (Sjoestedt, 1900) Antifungal and antibacterial properties   Brazil [15,20,63,64]