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Figure 5

From: Modelling socioeconomic determinants for cultivation and in-situ conservation of Vitex doniana Sweet (Black plum), a wild harvested economic plant in Benin

Figure 5

Conditional inference tree showing factors determining the decision to conserve wild trees of Vitex doniana in-situ. The response Yes = the informant is willing to conserve the species in-situ; and No = informant not likely to conserve the species in-situ. Minimal_dev_fruit_exploit, e.i. The minimal plant developmental stage required for exploitation of fruits (a = Juvenile stage, b = Fruits not used, c = Shrub-like stage, d = Mature tree stage); Tenure (a = Land owner, b = Tenant of land); Location (a = Agbohoutogon, b = Dan, c = Djessi, d = Djidja centre, e = Kakatehou, f = Kome, g = Lakpo, h = Oungbega, i = Sekpongon); Farmland_diff_climb, i.e. Difficult to climb Vitex doniana trees in the farmland (a = No, b = Yes); Sex (a = Female, b = Male).

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