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Table 4 Ailments grouped by major ailment categories

From: Ethnomedicinal survey of various communities residing in Garo Hills of Durgapur, Bangladesh

Category Common diseases/Medical terms No. of species used
Gastrointestinal disorders Constipation, peptic ulcer, stomach disorders, ulcer, appeal for food, stomach ulcer, dysentery, increase appetite, diarrhea, flatulence, intestinal disorders, cholera, acidity, dyspepsia, gastrointestinal disorders, vomiting, chronic dysentery, burning sensations, gastric troubles, chronic indigestion 36
Fever Fever, malaria fever 09
Respiratory complaints Pneumonia, cough, respiratory disorders, long-term cough, asthma, tuberculosis, chronic cold 13
Diabetes Diabetes, fat control 11
Liver disorders Jaundice, biliary disorders 07
Dermatological problems Dandruff, burns, boil, wounds, skin diseases, allergy, eczema, itch, scabies, skin lesion, pimples, bone fracture, facial scars, spots, bleeding from cuts and wounds, chicken pox 25
Urinary and rectal diseases Blood or pus coming out with urine, gonorrhea, urinary problems, fistula, piles, edema 09
Inflammation and pain Headache, rheumatic pain, bone pain, body pain, leg pain, sinusitis, stomach pain 12
Hematological disorders Anaemia, hemorrhage 02
Sexual stimulant Arouse sexual desire, sexual disorders 02
Hair growth Prevent graying of hair, loss of hair 02
General health Tonic, increasing energy, physical weakness in male, debility 04
Nervous system Epilepsy, nervous weakness 04
Helminthiasis Helminthiasis, ringworm, intestinal worms 07
Female sexual disorders Menstrual disorders, gynecological disorders, excessive bleeding during menstruation 05
Heart problems Heart diseases 02