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Table 1 Study sites, ecological and economic aspects and number of mescal producers interviewed

From: TEK, local perceptions of risk, and diversity of management practices of Agave inaequidens in Michoacán, Mexico

Community Municipality Ecological and economic characteristics of the community area Number of persons interviewed
Río de Parras Queréndaro Scrubland/rural: Agriculture (maize, beans and squash), cattle raising, mescal production. 10
Real de Otzumatlán Queréndaro Mountainous/rural: Agriculture (apple, plum and peach orchards), mescal production. 7
Cañada del Agua Indaparapeo Mountainous/rural: Agriculture (maize, beans and squash), mescal production. 7
Barranca del Aguacate (El Moral y el Añil) Sahuayo Scrubland/rural: Agriculture (maize, beans and squash; pitaya and hog plum orchards), cattle raising, gathering of wild resources, mescal production. 6
Pino Real Charo Mountainous/rural: Agriculture (maize, beans and squash; plum and peach orchards), timber industry, pine resin extraction. 11
Total 4 - 41