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Table 2 Categories of perception of risk about changes in populations of Agave inaequidens subsp. inaequidens managed in the last 30 years. The column reporting the percentage of mention includes all people interviewed in this study. Particular records per agave handler are shown in Table 7

From: TEK, local perceptions of risk, and diversity of management practices of Agave inaequidens in Michoacán, Mexico

Category of risk perception % of mention Risk category
No change in relation to the past, positive perspective 5.26 % 1
Intermediate change positive perspective 10.53 % 2
Intermediate change 60.53 % 3
Intermediate change, negative perspective 5.26 % 4
Drastic, critical change 18.42 % 5
Drastic, critical change, negative perspective 7.89 % 6