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Table 2 Organisms, scientific name, Seri name, voucher number, most common use, and fidelity level

From: An ethnomedicinal study of the Seri people; a group of hunter-gatherers and fishers native to the Sonoran Desert

Kingdom Phylum Scientific name Seri Name Voucher number Use Ip Iu Fidelity level
  Annelida Eurithoe cf. complanata (Pallas 1766) Xepenozátx CMEMM-13 Prepared in a tea in order to cease menstrual flow 2 3 66.66
  Chordata Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus 1758) Moosni ------ The oil of C. mydas is taken in a tablespoon as expectoranta 16 24 66.66
  Echonodermata Heliaster kubinjii (Xantus 1860) Pyooque CMEMM-18 Prepared in a tea in order to cease menstrual flow and stop post-partum hemorrhage 8 10 80
  Echinometra vanbruti (A. Agassiz 1863) Xepenosiml CMEMM-8 Prepared into a tea to stop menstrual flow 37 46 80.43
  Ophiocoma aethiops (Lütken 1859) Hanol cahít CMEMM-16 Scorched and macerated into a paste applied to swollen areas 4 7 57.14
   Modiolus capax (Conrad 1837) Satoj CMEMM-6 Shell is grounded, mixed with water and applied to the umbilicus of an infant to make it heal faster 2 6 33.33
   Octopus hubbsorum (Berry 1853) Hapaj cosni CMEMM-5 Crushed and cooked with dock (Rumex) and drunk to run faster 22 36 61.11
   Turbo fluctuosus (W. Wood 1828) Cotopis CMEMM-11 Shell is grounded, mixed with water and applied to the umbilicus of an infant to make it heal faster 16 19 84.21
  Chlorophtyta Codium simulans (Setchell and Gardner 1924) Tacj oomas CMMEX 10616 Eyewash applied simply by soaking the algae in seawater and squeezing directly into the eyesa 13 26 28.57
  Ochrophyta Sargassum sinicola (Setchell and Gardner 1924) Xpanams caacöl CMMEX 10620 The frond is boiled in freshwater, resulting in a tea that prevents epilepsya 2 13 6.66
   Colpomenia tuberculata (Saunders 1898) Xpeetc CMMEX 10626 Water retained inside bulbose algae is drunk to cure dehydration, headache and light headednessa 2 10 20
   Kallymenia pertusa (Setchell and Gardner 1924) Moosni ipnáail CMMEX 10622 Heatened beneath a stone near a campfire, the frond is used as a cataplasm in swollen areas of the bodya 3 6 50
  Aizoaceae Sesuvium sp. (Linnaeus 1759) Spitj Caacöl   Sesuvium is used to wash stingray woundsa 5 12 41.66
  Apocynaceae Vallesia glabra (Cavanilles 1724) Tanóopa USON 20152b Leaves are toasted and macerated, the resulting powder is applied to control the itch of a rash, measles or chickenpox 3 9 33.33
  Asteraceae Ambrosia salsola ((Torr. & A. Gray) Strother & B.G. Baldwin 1849) Caasol cacat No specimen A tea made with the stem is used to heal swollen parts of the bodya 12 39 30.76
  Bataceae Batis maritima (Linnaeus 1759) Pajóocsim   Macerated in water will cure diarrheaa 27 32 84.37
  Burseracea Bursera microphylla (Gray 1861) Xoop USON 03688, 20051, 04998 Sap is used as sunblocka 12 53 22.64
   Bursera hindsiana (Engler 1883) Xopinl USON 03708 In a mixture with Hyptis emoryi it is prepared in a tea to treat colds. 19 38 50
  Celastraceae Maytenus phyllanthoides (D. Dietrich 1844) Cos CMMEX 10631 A tea prepared with the leaves is used for a sore throat 17 40 42.5
  Chenopodiaceae Suaeda sp. (Forsskål ex J. F. Gmelin, 1776) Hatajípol CMMEX 10630 A tea made from the roots is used to treat colds 19 30 63.33
   Atriplex barclayana (D. Dietrich 1852) Spitj CMMEX 10632 It is used in concoction in conjunction with B. microphylla against the painful sting of rays and skates 46 49 93.87
  Euphorbiaceae Acalypha californica (Benthham 1844) Queejam iti hacniix USON 03709, 05377 The plant is let in water for a night. The water is then used to wash the head in presence of neuralgia 10 16 62.5
  Malpighiaceae Callaeum macropterum (D.M. Johnson 1986) Haxz ooxmoj USON 09454 The tea extracted from this plant is most commonly used against diarrhea 9 45 60
  Malvaceae Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray var. ambigua (A. Gray 1887) Jcoa ctamöc No specimen The inner bark and pulp are poinded and made into a tea to cure sores in the mouth. 12 18 66.66
  Menispermaceae Cocculus diversifolius (A. de Candolle 1817) Comíxaz ARIZ 356537 Used to prepare an infusion to treat diarrheaa 4 11 36.36
  Rhizophoraceae Rhizophora mangle (Linnaeus 1753) Xnazolcam CMMEX 10627 A concoction of the plant is used against diabetesa 20 44 45.45
  Verbenaceae Lippia palmeri S. (S. Watson 1889) Xomcahíift USON 02168, 04159 A tea prepared with the leaves is good against coldsa 29 60 48.33
  Viscaceae Phoradendron californicum (Nuttall 1847) Eaxt No specimen A tea prepared with the leaves is used against diarrheaa 19 30 63.33
  Zygophythaceae Larrea divaricata subsp. tridentata ((DC.) Felger & C.H. Lowe 1970) Haaxat USON 20038 The concoction of this plant is commonly used to treat smelly feeta 14 62 22.58
  1. auses different to those previously reported
  2. bVoucher specimens to which collections were compared